How many trophies have Man United won?


Man United undoubtedly remains one of the most successful football clubs in Europe that have won more trophies than any other club.


The Greater Manchester-based club began its title-winning campaign in the English FA Cup before having its first hand on the First Division (Premier League).


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Most of the club’s success was achieved during the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, who started on a low key but was able to turn the club into a dominant force.



Man United have won a couple of trophies including Premier League, FA Cup, FA Community Shield, UEFA Champions League (European Cup), UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup (defunct) and FIFA Club World Cup.



United stands as one of the most successful football clubs in England and are ranked in the top three positions.


List of All Man United trophies by year


Manchester United Premier League titles

Premier League (First Division)

Number of Titles: 13

Years Won:


Manchester United Champions League titles

UEFA Champions League (European Cup)

Titles: 3

Years Won:

Man United Europa League titles

Titles: 1

Years Won:


Manchester United total trophies


Premier League: 20

English FA Cup: 14

EFL Cup: 5

FA Community Shield: 21

FIFA Club World: 1

Intercontinental Cup: 1

Champions League: 3

Europa League: 1

UEFA Super Cup: 1

UEFA Cup Winners’Cup: 1

Man United trophy cabinet/ titles overview


Premier League – National

Manchester United is the most successful team in the history of the English Premier League with a record of 20 titles.


Since the rebranding of the league to the Premier League starting from 1992, United have won a record thirteen titles more than any other side in the division.


The club also managed to win over seven league titles during the old First Division.


Man United’s first league triumph was achieved in 1907–08 season, followed by another league crown after three years in 1910–11.


The success during 1910–11 saw the club struggle for more than thirty years before the league title was won once again in 1951–52.



The 1950s marked the beginning of Man United success in the First Division (Premier League) as the club won over five titles in fifteen years.


During this period, United won the title back to back at least for the first time in the history of the club between 1955–56 and 1956–57.


Premier League era – 1992 present


The “Red Devils” became the first team to lift the English league title in its new look as the Premier League beginning from the 1992–93 season.


United defended the first Premier League era title it won the previous year which makes it two titles between 1992-93 and 1993–94.



From 1996, Man United further made history as the club won six league titles in eight years, a performance that accelerated the club to a more dominant as well as global brand.



Sir Alex Ferguson also led the club to three consecutive Premier League titles 1998–99, 1999–2000, and 2000–01.



Manchester United further went on to make it a second three cons titles in a row beginning from 2006–07, 2007–08 and 2008–09.



To further establish himself as Man United’s all-time manager, Sir Alex Ferguson went on to win two more titles Premier League titles in 2010–11 and 2012–13 before his retirement.



This was also his 13th league title across 21 seasons as a manager of one of the biggest clubs in Europe which was also made a global brand under his watch.



The “Red Devils” continues to shine bright on the all-time winner’s list of the old First Division as well as the new Premier League era.



With 20 titles overall and 13th in the new era, the Stretford End owners standouts as the most successful and the greatest in the division.


League One (Old Second Division) – National

The club during its turbulent years were also two-time winners of the EFL League One or old Second Division in 1935–36, and 1974–75 seasons.


English FA Cup – National

One of the world’s oldest national football knockout competitions, the FA Cup is one of the most contested Competitions in English Football.


Manchester United are 12time winners of the FA Cup.


The “Red Devils” had a first shot at the Cup title in the 1908–09 season. However, the club waited another thirty-seven year for a second title in the 1947–48 campaign.


Then came another decline for United as the club waited for another fifteen years for its third title in 1962–63 and there was another fourteen-year wait for the fourth title in the 1976–77 season.


The club’s success in the competition began in the 1980s even as Manchester United managed to win six titles in sixteen years (1982–83 – 1998–99).


Sir Alex Ferguson won his last FA Cup title for the club in the 2003–04 season.


Portuguese legendary manager Jose Mourinho made it 12 titles for the club at the end of the 2015–16 campaign.



Football League Cup/EFL Cup – National


The League Cup is another domestic trophy where Man United have won the least number of titles. The club has won just five EFL Cup or Carabao Cup.


United’s first success was in the 1991–92 season and a second title fourteen years after in 2005–06.


The club made it back to back wins between 2008–09 and 2009–10. Jose Mourinho won it again in the 2016–17 season, marking his Old Trafford journey in grand style.


FA Charity Shield/FA Community Shield – National

The FA Community Shield serves as the curtain-raiser for the new season in English football played by winners of the Premier League and FA Cup of the previous campaign.


Manchester United stands out as the most successful team in the history of the FA Community Shield with over 21 titles.


The club’s first time lifting the curtain-raiser was in 1908.


Hundred years later in 2008, Manchester United have singlehandedly won over sixteen FA Community Shields.


UEFA Champions League (European Cup) – International (European)

Manchester United is one of the few English clubs with more than two UEFA Champions League titles alongside, Liverpool, Chelsea.


1967–68, the club won its first top tier European trophy led by Sir Matt Busby who turned the status of the team to a more formidable as well as competitive side.


Busby helped the club secure European success against all odds.


1998–99, Sir Alex Ferguson replicated Matt Busby’s “Busby Babes” achievement with an outstanding outing which led to the UEFA Champions League glory in 1999.


Nine years later 22007–08, Alex Ferguson made it two UEFA Champions League win in his managerial career as United manager and an overall third title.


On several occasions, the club had gone closebut lost out in the knockout stages.



European Cup Winners’ Cup – International (now defunct) – (European)


The Scottish football manager was on fire as he led the Red Devils to another remarkable outing in 1990–91, lifting the European Cup Winners’Cup.


UEFA Europa League – International (European)

The advent of Portuguese legendary manager Jose Mourinho marked the beginning of another era in the history of Manchester United.


Jose Mourinho won the UEFA Europa League in the 2016–17 campaign, the club’s first-ever trophy since its establishment.


The win ensured Man United became one of the few English clubs to have won every major European trophy.


European Super Cup (UEFA Super Cup) – International (European)

Despite competing as winners of Europe’s second-tier league, United won the UEFA Super Cup in 1991 against Champions League winners of the previous season.


Intercontinental Cup – International (European/South American)


The club holds a British record in the competition after emerged winners of the 1999 edition of the Intercontinental Cup.

The Intercontinental Cup (now defunct)


FIFA Club World Cup – International (World)


United also holds a joint British record alongside Liverpool with one FIFA Club World Cup title each.

The club won its first title in 2008.