How football leagues in Europe can complete their season amid the Coronavirus pandemic 1
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How football leagues in Europe can complete their season amid the Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic across Europe and in the rest of the world has brought almost all football leagues to be it first or second division to a standstill.


The only league still running is the Belarusian Premier League which at some point had supporters from some club oppose the decision to continue with the league.


UEFA still kicking against cancelation of leagues across the continent


The football season across Europe looks like it would be crippled if wise and thoughtful decisions are not taken.


Suspension of football league is affecting both clubs and players with clubs calling on players to take pay cut.



The UEFA Champions League which is the world’s most prestigious football club competition was the first to shut down followed by the second-tier Europa League.


Looking at the way things are, there are still effective measures if we’ll adhere to, solve the problems faced by clubs and leagues.


If every league considers this approach, it may end successfully both in TV revenue and calendar schedule.


The only loophole left is gate takings.


Clubs will no longer have the avenue to generate funds through gate takings.


But it would be beneficial in the long run, as long as the current pandemic is still on the radar.


European football leagues, clubs, and organizations should take a critical look at these five key points that would help them complete league season without much problems.


1. There are a lot of test centers available to test players before, during and after matchdays.


2. They are not playing in groups, rather they play against each other consisting of the usual eleven versus eleven.
Club president and other bodies may choose to remain self isolated.


3. These players are tested more often. The league body may choose to carry out the test on players every matchday instead.


Although it may cost much, but to save the season they should consider this approach.


4. TV rights holders will broadcast matches to homes, thus the continuous generation of TV money.


Fans will now be glued to their TV sets instead. This will further increase tv revenue for rights holders as fans would convert their tickets into tv subscriptions.


4. The player stays in quarantine always. If you’ve watched closely, several clubs instructed their players to stay in quarantine.


5. Empty stadiums
No fans will be allowed to enter the stadiums since there is a lockdown.


The players will only go to stadiums to play their matches and also do the same for training sessions.



These measures may help leagues continue with their season despite the pandemic across the world.

Self-isolation, the Stay at home challenge.


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