French Super Cup Trophy winners list, Trophée des Champions in history of France

French Super Cup Trophy winners list, Trophée des Champions in history of France

June 10, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

French Super Cup Trophy winners list, Trophée des Champions in history.


French Super Cup or Trophée des Champions is an annual one-off match that serves as the curtain-raiser ahead of the new season.


Cool facts

French Super Cup final? This is the one-off final match between the Coupe de France and Ligue 1 winners.


French Super Cup 2021? Lille (Ligue 1 winners) defeated Paris Saint-Germain (Coupe de France winners) to emerge 2021 winners.


French Super Cup 2020? Paris Saint-Germain were crowned Champions after lifting the title for the 8-year running.


It is co-organized by the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) and the Union Syndicale des Journalistes Sportifs de France (UJSF).


The match is similar to the Spanish Super Cup, FA Community Shield and Supercoppa Italiana.


It is played by winners of the French Ligue 1 winners and Coupe de France / French Cup Champions of the previous season.


The match of its current format was officially founded in 1995. However, there had been a national Super Cup in existence since 1949.


The initial games were organized by the French Football Federation.


Reims were the first winners in 1949 while Paris Saint-Germain became the first team to win it it’s a new form known as the Trophée des Champions in 1995.


When it comes to Trophée des champions, Paris Saint-Germain holds an incredible record with ten wins and are the most successful in the country.


Olympique Lyonnais is the closest in second place with 8 titles while Reims and Saint-Étienne are joint third with five titles respectively.



French Super Cup Trophy winners, most successful teams in the Trophée des champions


1. Paris Saint-Germain

Titles: 10

Years Won: 1995, 1998, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

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Paris Saint-Germain or simply PSG is a French professional football club based in the capital city of Paris. The club competes in the Ligue 1.


When it comes to the French Super Cup, PSG is the most Champions with 10 titles.


This French Super Cup Trophy-winning party saw an incredible record haven won the title in eight consecutive seasons.


This winning streak started in 2013 after the club tasted victory in 1998. 2013 to 2020, Paris Saint-Germain have singlehandedly won all editions within this period.


PSG’s first title was in 1995 which was also the first edition of the one-off match in its current name as Trophée des champions.


The club has also lost four times in the final.


2. Olympique Lyonnais

Titles: 8

Years Won: 1973, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012.


Olympique Lyonnais or simply Lyon is a professional football club based in Lyon. It competes in the Ligue 1.


Lyon were the initial all-time leading Champions of the French Super Cup before PSG overtook them with the incredible 8-year winning streak which started in 2013.


Lyon’s first title was in 1973 during the old Challenge des champions era.


Similar to PSG, Olympique Lyon also similarly won the French Super Cup having a 6-year winning streak that started in 2002 and ended in 2007.


These were the glory days of Lyon as a football club competing in the highest level of football in France.


The last time the club tasted victory was in 2012. Lyon lost in the final in two consecutive years between 2015 and 2016 to eventually winners PSG on both occasions.


In total, Lyon has lost in four finals tied on the same number of losses with Paris Saint-Germain.

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3. Reims

Titles: 5

Years Won: 1949, 1955, 1958, 1960, 1966.


Reims became the first team to lift the trophy in the old era in 1949. More success was achieved in 1955 and 1958.


The club added two more titles in 1960 and 1966. Reims have also lost once in the final.


4. Saint-Étienne

Titles: 5

Years Won: 1957, 1962, 1967, 1968, 1969.


AS Saint-Étienne are joint third most successful team in French Super Cup Trophy history with five titles.


The club’s first triumph was in 1957. Throughout the 1960s, the club singlehandedly won four titles in the space of ten years which was one of the early records.


The club has also lost once in the final.


5. AS Monaco

Titles: 4

Years Won: 1961, 1985, 1997, 2000.


AS Monaco is a professional football club based in the Principality of Monaco and competes in French Ligue 1.


The club has won four Trophée des champions with the first title in 1961.


Monaco’s last triumph was in the year 2000.


The club has lost in three finals including consecutive losses in 2017 and 2018 against eventual winners Paris Saint-Germain on both occasions.


6. Nantes


Titles: 3

Years Won: 1965, 1999, 2001.

Nantes have won three titles and lost in four finals.


7. Bordeaux

Titles: 3

Years Won: 1986, 2008, 2009.


Bordeaux has won three Trophée des champions including successive wins between 2008 and 2009.


8. Olympique Marseille

Titles: 3

Years Won: 1971, 2010, 2011.


Marseille won its first title in the old era.


In the Trophée des champions, the club won it in 2010 outside the shores of France Tunisia and successfully defended it the following year in 2011 outside the shores of France in Morocco.

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Other winners of the French Super Cup Trophy



Title: 1

Years Won: 1970.



Title: 1

Years Won: 1971.


Title: 1

Years Won: 1956

Le Havre

Title: 1

Years Won: 1959.


Title: 1

Years Won: 1972.


Years Won: 2021

Full list of winners

2021 Lille

2020 Paris Saint-Germain

2019 Paris Saint-Germain

2018 Paris Saint-Germain

2017 Paris Saint-Germain

2016 Paris Saint-Germain

2015 Paris Saint-Germain

2014 Paris Saint-Germain

2013 Paris Saint-Germain

2012 Olympique Lyonnais

2011 Olympique Marseille

2010 Olympique Marseille

2009 Bordeaux

2008 Bordeaux

2007 Olympique Lyonnais

2006 Olympique Lyonnais

2005 Olympique Lyonnais

2004 Olympique Lyonnais

2003 Olympique Lyonnais

2002 Olympique Lyonnais

2001 Nantes

2000 AS Monaco

1999 Nantes

1998 Paris Saint-Germain

1997 AS Monaco

1995 Paris Saint-Germain

1986 Bordeaux

1985 AS Monaco

1973 Olympique Lyonnais

1972 Bastia

1971 Rennes & Marseille

1970 Nice

1969 AS Saint-Étienne

1968 AS Saint-Étienne

1967 AS Saint-Étienne

1966 Reims

1965 Nantes

1962 AS Saint-Étienne

1961 AS Monaco

1960 Reims

1959 Le Havre

1958 Reims

1957 AS Saint-Étienne

1956 Sedan

1955 Reims

1949 Reims



The French Super Cup or the Trophée des champions is the one-off curtain raiser of French Football for the new season.


It attracts a wide range of audience since it is a preparatory match for the new season.



It is a fiercely contested encounter between Ligue 1 winners and Coupe de France Champions.


The runners up of the league is selected if the league winner turns out as Champions of the French Cup.



This article highlights the French Super Cup winners list, Trophée des champions of France in history.

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