French Cup winners list, Champions of Coupe de France

French Cup winners list, Champions of Coupe de France in history.


The French Cup or Coupe de France is an annual football competition organized by the French Football Federation for participating clubs across the country.


French Cup winners 2021? Paris Saint-Germain won the 2021 Coupe de France beating AS Monaco in the final.




Cool facts

Who won the French Cup 2020? Paris Saint-Germain won the French Cup 2020.


How many teams enter the French Cup? 7,378 teams and more participates in the French Cup including those outside France but under French territories.


What is the French Cup called? The French Cup is also called Coupe de France.


It is the number one domestic knocked Cup Competition contested by clubs from the French Ligue 1 down to the lower divisions throughout the french football league system.


As per regulations, Amateur teams, as well as teams from outside France in territories owned by France, are eligible to participate in the tournament.


The Coupe de France began in 1919 and is currently regarded as one of the oldest football tournament in the country with a very high priority placed on the final known as the French Cup final.


Starting from the early years until now, a total of thirty-three clubs have won the French Cup most especially Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique Marseille and Saint-√Čtienne.


Till today, these three teams are still the biggest in the Competition.


Paris Saint-Germain has won fourteen French Cup titles follows by Olympique Marseille with ten titles while AS Saint-√Čtienne occupies the third position on the all-time Coupe de France winners list with six titles.



The first-ever national Cup Competition was won by Club Athlétique de Société Générale or CASG Paris and the first in the French Cup era was lifted by Olympique de Paris.


French Cup winners list, Champions of the Coupe de France in history


Paris Saint-Germain

Titles – 14

When it comes to the French Cup winners list, Paris Saint-Germain is the most successful team in the country with 14 titles and are four wins better than second-placed Olympique Marseille.


Paris Saint-Germain is a professional football club based in the French capital city of Paris and competes in the Ligue 1.


PSG’s first title was in 1982 which was accompanied by another title the food year in 1983.


However, it took the Parisians ten years to win a third title in 1993.


Paris Saint-Germain continued with the success achieved by winning another three titles in the space of ten years.


Meaning PSG won a total of five Coupe de France titles in space of sixteen years.


Moving to the modern era of football in France.

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PSG have emerged Champions more than any other team in the country.


The Parisians have won nine French Cup finals since the start of the 21st century.


Starting from 2004, the club achieved more wins in 2006 and 2010.


The Golden years of the start of modern french football came even as Paris Saint-Germain proudly dominated the national trophy in four consecutive seasons from 2015 to 2018.


These successes were also accompanied by some Ligue 1 titles as well as Coupe de la Ligue and French Super Cups.


PSG made it another back to back wins starting from the 2020 and the 2021 season.


However, despite these achievements, Paris Saint-Germain has also ended up as runners up on five occasions.


Olympique Marseille

Titles Р10 

When it comes to the competition after Paris Saint-Germain dominance, Olympique Marseille takes the stage with ten titles.


Marseille’s first title was achieved in 1924 followed by another back to back wins between 1926 and 1927, becoming the first club in the history of the competition to defend the title it won the previous year.


Continued with this success winning up to ten titles.


All of Olympique Marseille triumphs in the Coupe de France were achieved in the 20th century. Marseille came close to winning the title in the modern era on three occasions but lost all three.



Titles – 6

Saint-√Čtienne is the third most successful team in the history of the Coupe de France with six titles most of which were achieved in the 20th century.


Saint-√Čtienne emerged as a top opposition in French football at that time.


The club dominated the 1970s alone with about four titles won more than any other side during the time between 1970, 1974, 1975 and 1977.


Saint-√Čtienne’s first hand on the French Cup title was in 1962.


The club came close to winning the trophy in 2020 but lost out in the final.


Since the start of modern french football, the club has failed to win a single Cup title.


Saint-√Čtienne has also ended up as runners up on four occasions.



Titles – 6

Lille is the fourth most successful team in French Cup with five titles. Lille’s emergence in the scene was in 1946 which was followed by three consecutive titles from then onwards until 1948.


In 1950, Lille also claimed two titles but waited until 2011 to claim a fifth title.


In the space of about 10 to 15 years, Lille had five French Cup titles. The club has also lost in three finals and the club’s most recent win was in 2011.


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AS Monaco

Titles – 5

AS Monaco is a professional football club based in the Autonomous principality of Monaco and competes as a french football team.


AS Monaco has won five titles most of which were achieved in the 20th century.


The club has also lost in five finals which stands opposite to the total number of wins.


Monaco’s most recent win 2010 and 2021.


RC Paris

Titles – 5

Racing Club de France Football is one of the early winners of the French Cup with over five titles won.


RC Paris won five Coupe de France titles in the space of sixteen years. The club also lost in three finals.


Olympique Lyonnais

Titles – 5

Olympique Lyonnais or Lyon is a professional football club based in Lyon and competes in the Ligue 1.


Lyon won its first title in 1964 and three years later in 1967 and the last in the old era in 1973.


Lyonnais two other trophies were in 2008 and 2012.


Red Star Football Club

Titles – 5

Red Star has also won five titles. In the early years of the French Cup, Red Star was the most successful team haven won the four titles in eight years between 1921 to 2028.


Red Star has five titles and a loss in the finals once.



Titles – 4

Bordeaux is one of the oldest football clubs in the country with four national titles.


The club won its first title in 1941 and the last in 2013.


Titles – 4

Auxerre has a mixed history haven won the Coupe de France in the closing of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century.


Auxerre won its first title in 1994, followed by another success in 1996 two years later.


In 2003, the club emerged Champions and was awarded another title in 2005 which was also the last win for the club.



Titles – 3

Rennes is a professional football club that plays in Ligue 1. Rennes have won three Cup titles with the first title in 1964.


Against all odds, Rennes won the French Cup title in 2019.

The club has also lost in four finals.



Titles – 3

Strasbourg is another side in the country with three Cups.



Titles – 3

Nice enjoyed success in the French Cup in the 20th century. The club won its first title in 1952 followed by another triumph two years later in 1954.


The club’s last success was in 1997.

Other notable French Cup winners

Sète Р2 Titles
Sedan – 2 Titles
Sochaux – 2 Titles
Montpellier – 2 Titles
Reims – 2 Titles
Metz – 2 Titles
Guingamp – 2 Titles
CASG Paris – 2 Titles

Other Coupe de France Champions at least once

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Olympique de Paris – 1 Title
Bastia – 1 Title
CA Paris – 1 Title
Le Havre – 1 Title
Club Français Р1 Title
Cannes – 1 Title
Roubaix – 1 Title
Nancy-Lorraine – 1 Title
Toulouse – 1 Title
Nancy – 1 Title
Lorient – 1 Title


French Cup winners list, Champions of Coupe de France in history

2021 Paris Saint-Germain
2020 Paris Saint-Germain
2019 Rennes
2018 Paris Saint-Germain
2017 Paris Saint-Germain
2016 Paris Saint-Germain
2015 Paris Saint-Germain
2014 Guingamp
2013 Bordeaux
2012 Olympique Lyon
2011 Lille
2010 Paris Saint-Germain
2009 Guingamp
2008 Olympique Lyon
2007 Sochaux
2006 Paris Saint-Germain
2005 AJ Auxerre
2004 Paris Saint-Germain
2003 Auxerre
2002 Lorient
2001 Strasbourg
2000 Nantes
1999 Nantes
1998 Paris Saint-Germain
1997 Nice
1996 Auxerre
1995 Paris Saint-Germain
1994 Auxerre
1993 Paris Saint-Germain
1992 Canceled
1991 AS Monaco
1990 Montpellier
1989 Olympique Marseille
1988 Metz
1987 Bordeaux
1986 Bordeaux
1985 AS Monaco
1984 Metz
1983 Paris Saint-Germain
1982 Paris Saint-Germain
1981 Bastia
1980 AS Monaco
1979 Nantes
1978 Nancy
1977 AS Saint-√Čtienne
1976 Olympique Marseille
1975 AS Saint-√Čtienne
1974 AS Saint-√Čtienne
1973 Olympique Lyon
1972 Olympique Marseille
1971 Rennes
1970 AS Saint-√Čtienne
1969 Olympique Marseille
1968 AS Saint-√Čtienne
1967 Olympique Lyon
1966 Strasbourg
1965 Rennes
1964 Olympique Lyon
1963 AS Monaco
1962 AS Saint-√Čtienne
1961 CS Sedan
1960 AS Monaco
1959 Le Havre
1958 Reims
1957 Toulouse
1956 CS Sedan
1955 Lille
1954 Nice
1953 Lille
1952 Nice
1951 Strasbourg
1950 Reims
1949 RC Paris
1948 Lille
1947 Lille
1946 Lille
1945 RC Paris
1944 √ČF Nancy-Lorraine
1943 Olympique Marseille
1942 Red Star
1941 Bordeaux
1940 RC Paris
1939 RC Paris
1938 Olympique Marseille
1937 FC Sochaux
1936 RC Paris
1935 Olympique Marseille
1934 Sète
1933 Excelsior Athlétic Club de Roubaix
1932 Cannes
1931 Club Français
1930 Sète
1929 Montpellier
1928 Red Star
1927 Olympique Marseille
1926 Olympique Marseille
1925 CASG Paris
1924 Olympique Marseille
1923 Red Star
1922 Red Star
1921 Red Star
1920 CA Paris
1919 CASG Paris
1918 Olympique de Pantin



The French Cup or the Coupe de France is the second most popular football Competition in France after the French Ligue 1 and is contested by teams within and outside the country under the French territory.



Outside the Ligue 1, it is the number competitive tournament with top sides facing smaller teams from other divisions.



The French Cup or the Coupe de France is an annual football tournament played by teams from France and the winner is crowned Champions of France.


The trophy is usually presented by the president of the country.


This article highlights the French Cup winners list, Champions of the Coupe de France.


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