Football (soccer) clubs in Canada looking players – full guide, tryouts, how to apply

Football (soccer) clubs in Canada looking players – full guide, tryouts, how to apply

October 1, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

Football or soccer clubs in Canada looking players – full guide, tryouts and how to apply to a team.


Football or Soccer clubs in Canada are constantly looking for new players that would help their team’s overall performance.


As a result, clubs organize series of football activities aimed at attracting players interested in becoming an of their team.



Some of the means clubs looking for players use to find players includes open tryouts, invitation, recommendations by affiliate clubs.


For football clubs looking for players in Canada, some of the ways they utilize include Open tryouts, CPL–U Sports Draft, Apply directly, Agent and soccer scouts, etc.


The soccer scene in Canada is constantly growing even as the newly created Canadian Premier League aims to become the number one hub for players capable of filling the spaces in the national teams.


Football clubs in Canada looking for players


1. Forge FC


Forge FC is the most successful team in the history of the newly created Canadian Premier League with two titles.


Forge FC is currently looking at the possibility of extending its dominance in the soccer scene in Canada and have constantly worked out ways to select the best players for its first team.


The club is one of the few teams in the CanPL that have improved its game since the league was established.


The league organizers with support from clubs organized the CanPL tryouts to search and scout for players willing to play at the highest level of soccer in the country.


You can contact Forge FC player development and scouting unit indicating interest.


Home ground: Tim Hortons Field.


2. Atlético Ottawa


Atlético Ottawa is one of the teams in the CanPL. Linked with Atlético Madrid in the Spanish La Liga, the Ottawa based soccer club is looking at dominating the soccer scene in the country.


In a bid to achieve this, the club is constantly scouting for young talented players across Canada interested in taking up their careers to the next level.


Atlético Madrid in the La Liga has won major trophies including the La Liga, Copa del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, etc.


The establishment of Atlético Ottawa is to win trophies just as the club has been able to achieve in Spain.


The club finished 7th in its CanPL debut season.


Home ground: TD Place Stadium


3. Toronto FC


Toronto FC is regarded as the most successful Canadian soccer team in the modern era. The club competes in Major League Soccer in the United States.

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Toronto FC has won the MLS Cup, Supporters Shield, Canadian Championship, etc.


In a bid to expand the MLS to Canada, Toronto FC became the new home of the United States Major League Soccer during early expansion.


Toronto FC II that competes in the USL League One is the professional development team of Toronto FC current looking for players in Canada and across the world.


Alternatively, you could become a part of the club through its Academy or affiliate clubs across the Toronto city area and beyond.

Toronto FC contact: Toronto FC Academy contact

Home ground: BMO Field


4. Club de Foot Montréal


Club de Foot Montréal is one of the most successful teams in the country with a record Canadian Championship titles beginning from the Voyageurs Cup era.


Club de Foot Montréal formerly Montreal Impact is constantly scouting for young players from Canada to fill its Academy and reserve teams.


The competition in Major League Soccer is increasingly growing and the need to equip the youth teams is also at its peak.


You too could become a professional soccer player by applying for the Club de Foot Montréal team.


Club de Foot Montréal has its own player development academy saddles with the responsibility of developing young players for the main team.



Home ground: Saputo Stadium Montreal, Quebec.


5. Vancouver Whitecaps FC


Vancouver Whitecaps FC is another big name when it comes to football in Canada.


The club competes in Major League Soccer. Since it joined the MLS, the club has not won the MLS Cup title and the need to win has been on the trail.


Vancouver Whitecaps FC Academy is available for players interested in taking up their careers to the next level.


Contact: Vancouver Whitecaps FC Academy

Home ground: BC Place, Vancouver.


6. FC Edmonton


FC Edmonton is a professional soccer club based in Edmonton, Alberta. The club competes in the CanPL and previously competed in North American Soccer League.


Founded in 2010, FC Edmonton is a big side in the CanPL currently aiming big in the league currently dominated by Forge FC in its first two seasons.


FC Edmonton is also looking for football players across Canada interested in taking up their careers to a professional level.


Home ground: Clarke Stadium; Edmonton, Alberta


7. Cavalry FC


Cavalry Football Club is a professional soccer club based in Alberta. It competes in the CanPL ranked as one of the highest performing teams in the division.


Calvary Football Club reached the CanPL finals in 2019 but lost to Forge FC.

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The club has achieved two Canadian Premier League Regular seasons Spring 2019, Fall 2019 shields.


Calvary FC is looking for talented players across Canada.


Home ground: ATCO Field; Foothills County, Alberta


8. Pacific FC


Pacific Football Club is a professional soccer club based in British Columbia. It competes in the CanPL.


Pacific FC is constantly growing, having the intent of challenging for the title.


Although the club is yet to win a major trophy, the club is constantly working towards creating a formidable team for the competitive CanPL.


Pacific FC is also looking for young players across the country willing to play soccer.


Home ground: Starlight Stadium; Langford, British Columbia


9. HFX Wanderers FC


HFX Wanderers Football Club is a professional soccer club based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


The club competes in the CanPL.


HFX Wanderers reached the CanPL finals in 2020 but lost to Forge FC.


Home ground: Wanderers Grounds; Halifax, Nova Scotia


10. York United FC


York United Football Club is a professional soccer club based in Toronto, Ontario.


York United FC competes in the Canadian Premier League.



Home ground: York Lions Stadium; Toronto, Ontario


11. Valour FC


Valour Football Club is a professional soccer club based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It competes in the Canadian Premier League.


Valour FC is one of the sides in the league challenging for the title.


Home ground: IG Field, Winnipeg


Other teams at the semi-professional level


Alliance United FC, Hamilton United, FC London, Master’s Futbol, Waterloo United.


A.S. Blainville, CS Mont-Royal Outremont, Ottawa South United, FC Laval.


Other recommended ways to join football (soccer) clubs in Canada

1. Open tryouts


You could join soccer clubs in Canada through Open tryouts across the country. There are open tryouts you could sign up for across the country.


Open tryouts could be paid or free. However, it recommends you opt for paid open tryouts where you pay to play in front of top scouts and representatives from top clubs.


Open tryouts simply allows you to showcase your abilities as a soccer player in front of scouts, local teams affiliated with top clubs as well as representatives from top clubs across the country.

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2. CPL–U Sports Draft


The CPL–U Sports Draft is a Soccer development organization created to help young players in colleges or universities accelerate their careers.


The program is an annual Soccer development activity in which CanPL clubs select players from U Sports.

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Drafted players at the end of the event would be invited to the CPL team’s preseason camp where they could sign their first professional contract.


3. Agent and Soccer Scouts


There are agents across Canada affiliated with clubs in the country including teams in the CanPL, MLS, USL Championship, etc


If you can sign a contract with an agent, there’s an assurance for you when it comes to clubs reaching out for you.


However, the downsides of football agents are expensive or high demands which could be difficult to keep.


But you are better off with an established agent. Also, note that you should strike a deal with an experienced or well-known football agent to avoid issues.


4. Affiliate Clubs


There are affiliated football clubs for top teams in the CanPL including Canadian teams in the MLS like Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, and Club de Foot Montréal.


You can research affiliate clubs in the country linked with some of the top clubs.


5. Approach clubs directly


You could still contact clubs directly by visiting teams during training hours.


There, you can establish communication or contact with team trainers and handlers to discuss your intentions to join the team.


Youth Soccer Development in Canada


Over the years the country’s football governing body has worked out ways to ensure youth soccer development becomes a priority.


The emergence of the CanPL is expected to grow the soccer scene in Canada.

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There are plans already in place to develop a master plan that would help in the growth of youth as well as women’s soccer in the country.


Canada’s national team’s performance at the international level is expected to grow with continent support for youth soccer development in the country.


About soccer

Soccer is one of the most popular sport in Canada as well as one of the fastest-growing in the country.


The growing rate of the league has pushed Professional teams across the country to look inward for young talents across the country.


You cannot get noticed if you are not out there, so you need to go out and attend soccer development activities.



Football clubs looking for players in Canada are spread across the country.


Some of these teams compete in the Canadian Premier League, Major League Soccer, United Soccer League, etc.


You can try out the recommendations in the article.

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