European Super League: The journey so far in the project and way forward


The European Super League project, the journey so far in the project and way forward for clubs set to participate in the money-spinning venture remains a big question mark in our eyes.

The European Super League is a proposed Football competition that would see top European clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid partake in a single competition while ignoring middle-class teams like Leicester City, Real Sociedad and Rangers.

The aim of the competition and its organizers is to create a pioneering football club competition in Europe that would surpass the fame currently held by the UEFA Champions League, as well as generate more income for the European elites which is expected to be higher than what they currently make.


Generating lots of profits which is expected to rise as a result of the involvement of the bigger players of European Football. The project would generate massive income and followership since fans would be more concentrated in watching the big teams face themselves in a one-off competition.

You already know the attention, massive followership with high Television revenue brought as a result of fixtures involving Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Spanish La Liga and Manchester United facing Manchester City in the Premier League.

However, this massive way of generating revenue and fame also has its drawback attached to it. Middle-class teams in other developing leagues like Sporting CP, College Europa, Rangers and Crusaders would never see the light of the day if these projects turn out to be a reality in the end.


What is stopping the European Super League from taking place?


Football Governing body FIFA appears to be against the proposed project as it could result in a huge gap created between the less known clubs with the already established clubs in Europe.

As per current plans by the organizers of the competition, FIFA may not receive a single quota from revenue generated from the competition.


FIFA and various continental bodies appear to be against the move as penalties could be enforced on clubs that would defy the order not to participate in the proposed competition.

The journey so far, where the proposed European Super League is currently heading to?

As things stand currently, the competition is facing uncertainties in many angles with a recent declaration from FIFA opposing the move and even impose penalties on teams that would potentially participate in the competition.

According to, FIFA had threatened to take severe actions against clubs that would participate in Super League which also includes a possible ban on players playing for clubs involved in the league.

What this means, Sergio Ramos who plays for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team will not be able to represent the Spanish national team anymore.

As per publication, UEFA president with the president of FIFA are the two critics of the proposed breakaway competition in Europe. 

Who are those opposing the proposed European Super League?

FIFA and the six Confederations signed a letter opposing the competition. Meaning, it has strong opposing which places the league in huge doubt.

FIFA including CAF (Africa), CONCACAF (North America), CONMEBOL (South America), OFC (Oceania), AFC (Asia) and UEFA (Europe) is strongly opposing the European Super League.

“In this respect, the confederations recognise the FIFA Club World Cup, in its current and new format, as the only worldwide club competition while FIFA recognises the club competitions organised by the confederations as the only club continental competitions.”


The penalties placed on teams and players involved in the Super League?

Clubs: Teams in the proposed League may lose their UEFA Champions League berth even though the finish as league winners in their respective domestic leagues.


Meaning FC Bayern Munich despite winning the Bundesliga will not be at the UEFA Champions League campaign.

Players: Players might lose their playing right at the international level as long as they participate in the competition.


Although the Guardian UK revealed that the threats made by UEFA are empty due to European legal case.

Who are the teams that will likely participate in the European Super League?

Clubs including Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Juventus together with other 20 teams according to recent impressive performance in European competition.


This means clubs like Lyon, Leicester City may also partake in the competition.


Teams like Crusaders, MTK Budapest, The News Saints, Southampton, Sporting CP, etc will be exempted. It is called the league of the big boys in European football.

Who are the organizers of the proposed European Super League project and what they stand to benefit?

The idea of the breakaway competition was initiated since in 1993 which later died down after much investigation and restructuring on the part of UEFA to strengthen it’s own continental football competitions.

The main organizers of the competition haven’t been revealed yet, but reports claim JP Morgan would finance the competition alongside other investors.

As per CityAM with other top sources, the proposed European Super League is worth $6bn.

What the participating Teams trends to benefit

As per a report by independent outlet, Liverpool FC is expected to receive a cash injection worth £130million-£213million incentive as founding members of the league.

The organizers promise clubs huge financial incentives that might be higher than what they currently earn in their respective domestic campaigns.

This funds can be accrued from TV revenues and gate taken as well as another financial boost from potential investors and sponsor of the competition.

The competition happens to have huge sums of revenue that would be gotten from sponsors.

Sponsors will benefit more as the awareness continues to grow after it has been adopted by the various Governing bodies across the world of football.

But which team will be willing to lose it’s sole in the Champions League for the Super League?


Probably, this could happen as a result of the huge financial incentives behind the move.


Drawbacks and effects of the Super League to smaller European teams


Although the creation of the league will pave way for greater participation within the Champions League. However, the UEFA Champions League will become fewer glamours since participating teams are least known to fans.


It will also weaken the competition across boards. Competitions like the Europa League may even be lost in the process. 


Plans by UEFA despite strong Super League talks


UEFA recently revealed plans to further expand the UEFA Champions League by 2024 with a new format that would accommodate bigger teams from smaller leagues.


This is move is geared towards fighting the developing relevance of the Super League.

As per Sky Sports, The European football governing body will expand the Champions League to allow more clubs and clubs will benefit more through greater Television revenue and Sponsorship share to avert the threat of a Super League.


The report from Sky Sports indicates no opposition was made by member Nations after the revelation since it will guarantee more games and revenue share.


The way forward for the Super League in 2021 (February report)

As per a report by the Guardian UK, there are serious discussions by the top European clubs including Manchester United and Liverpool more seriousness which was sparked by effects of the coronavirus pandemic which affected the overall revenue share of the top teams, forcing players, staffs to consider salary cut. 


As things stand currently, discussions are still ongoing.

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