Europa League winners list, all-time most Champions

Europa League winners list, all-time most Champions

March 19, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

The UEFA Europa League or simply the Europa League is the second tier football competition in Europe and have produced several winners in the past with Sevilla as the most successful Champions



Some notable Champions in the history of the competition is Sevilla, who dominates the list of clubs that have had its own fair share of the competition since it’s inception.


Europa League winners list, all-time most Champions and successful teams



Previously called the Europa Cup, the competition is the second most glamorous cup competition in Europe and has attracted a lot of viewers across the world.



Established in 1971 by the Union of European Football Association used to run a two-legged final during its first 25 years of existence, and was later played as one single final.



Teams that qualify for the tournament includes teams that finish below the top four and National Cup winners of each country.



Some notable forces in European football like Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Napoli, Ajax, Bayern Munich, Porto, Atletico Madrid and Chelsea.



In the all-time winner’s list of competition, Sevilla FC of Spain is the most successful and the current Champions with six titles.



The club from Seville made it six titles by beating Inter Milan in the final.



Tottenham hotspur where the first side to win the competition back in the 1971/72 season followed by another English side Liverpool the preceding year.



Feyenoord Rotterdam became the first non-English side to win it after Tottenham and Liverpool had won the first two titles and Borussia Monchengladbach is also the first from Germany to win the competition.



Europa League used to have a two legged final, but was later rebranded to a single final at selected venues which was certified through the bidding process.



Here is a list of Europa League all-time winners, the Champions since it’s the inception

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Most Successful teams in the Europa League


Sevilla FC – 6 Titles


When it comes to the Europa League competition, Sevilla is his only and the most successful team.


Sevilla’s dominance of the Europa League

2005/6 Season

It all started during the 2005/6 season after Sevilla had qualified for the competition which was the 35th edition.


Qualifying via the qualification round after finishing sixth on the Spanish La Liga table the previous year.


Sevilla got past Mainz 05 after a 2-0 aggregate scoreline in the first round which handed them group stage qualification.


Defeating Schalke 04 in the semi-finals, Sevilla qualified for the final, defeating Middlesbrough 4-0 to clinch their first title.




Sevilla defeated fellow Spaniards Espanyol to claim the trophy for the second year running.


2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16 seasons (treble winners)


° They defeated Benfica from the penalty spot.

° Came from behind to beat Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk of Ukraine.

° Sevilla defeated Liverpool, coming from behind to lead the Kops.


Sevilla has clearly written it’s name in the history of the competition which may not be forgotten on the long run. Winning the titles three consecutive seasons was one of the best achievement in the history of the club.


Real Madrid also did same in the Champions League as Zinedine Zidane guided his former club now as a coach to the remarkable achievement.


Years Won

2005–06, 2006–07, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2019–20.


Liverpool – 3 Titles

Liverpool was the second English side to win the competition after Tottenham Hotspur in 1971–72.


The reds came close to making it four but could not protect an early goal from Daniel Sturridge as Kevin Gameiro and Coke combined to condemn the Anfield boys at the St. Jakob-Park in Basel.


Although, they have a clear history in Champions League, Liverpool also did same in the second tier cup competition.

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Years Won 

1972–73, 1975–76, 2000–01


Juventus – 3 Titles


Juventus was the second Italian Serie A club to win the competition Napoli and Inter Milan got a fair share of it.



Juve opened their campaign in 1976-77 season but waited another thirteen years before adding a second.


Juve’s last time winning the competition was in 1993.


Even though Juventus have failed in it’s bid to win the Champions League, the team still has a history in the Europa League.


Years Won

1976–77, 1989–90, 1992–93


Inter Milan – 3 Titles


The dominant Milan side won it in 1991, 1994 and 1998.

Years Won

1990–91,1993–94, 1997–98


Atletico Madrid – 3 Titles


Quique Sánchez Flores led Atletico Madrid to its first title in the competition.


Years Won

2009–10, 2011–12, 2017–18


Tottenham Hotspur – 2 Titles


Spurs hold the record as the first club to win the Europa League in its inaugural season.


Spurs waited for eleven years before winning the second title.

Years Won

1971–72, 1983–84


Feyenoord Rotterdam -2 Titles


Feyenoord is the first non-English side and the first Dutch club to win the Europa League.


Their recent triumph was in 2002.

Years Won

1973–74, 2001–02


Borussia Monchengladbach – 2 Titles


Monchengladbach is the first Bundesliga club to win the competition in 1975. But waited for four seasons before winning their second title.


Years Won

1974–75, 1978–79


Real Madrid -2 Titles


Even though the major aspect of the club’s history is in the UEFA Champions League, the Los Blancos have two Europa League titles under their belt.


They are the first club from Spain to win the competition.

Years Won

1984–85, 1985–86



Parma – 2 Titles


Parma’s surprise seasons saw the club triumph in two Europa League finals in the space of three years.


Years Won

1994–95, 1998–99.



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Chelsea FC – 2 Titles


Chelsea also got it’s own fair share of the trophy as the third English side to win after a hard-fought win in the final.


Chelsea fell out from the Champions League group stage and was awarded a spot in Europa League knockout round.

Years Won

2012–13, 2018–19.



See full list

Year              Club              Country

1971–72  Tottenham Hotspur (England)


1972–73  Liverpool  (England)


1973–74  Feyenoord Rotterdam  (Netherlands)


1974–75  Borussia Monchengladbach (Germany)


1975–76  Liverpool  (England)


1976–77  – Juventus  (Italy)


1977–78  PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)


1978–79  Borussia Monchengladbach (Germany)


1979–80  Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany)


1980–81  Ipswich Town (England)


1981–82  IFK Goteborg (Sweden)


1982–83  RSC Anderlecht (Belgium)


1983–84  Tottenham Hotspur (England)


1984–85  Real Madrid  (Spain)


1985–86  Real Madrid  (Spain)


1986–87  IFK Goteborg (Sweden)


1987–88  Bayer 04 Leverkusen  (Germany)


1988–89  Napoli  (Italy)


1989–90  Juventus  (Italy)


1990–91  Inter Milan  (Italy)


1991–92  Ajax  (Netherlands)


1992–93  Juventus  (Italy)


1993–94  Inter Milan  (Italy)


1994–95  US Parma  (Italy)


1995–96  Bayern Munich (Germany)


1996–97  Schalke 04 (Germany)


1997–98  Inter Milan  (Italy)


1998–99  US Parma  (Italy)


1999–2000  Galatasaray SK (Turkey)


2000–01  Liverpool FC  (England)


2001–02  Feyenoord Rotterdam  (Netherlands)


2002–03  FC Porto  (Portugal)


2003–04  Valencia  (Spain)


2004–05  CSKA Moscow  (Russia)


2005–06  Sevilla  (Spain)


2006–07  Sevilla  (Spain)


2007–08  Zenit St Petersburg (Russia)


2008–09  Shakhtar Donetsk   (Ukraine)


2009–10  Atletico Madrid (Spain)


2010–11  FC Porto  (Portugal)

2011–12  Atletico Madrid  (Spain)


2012–13  Chelsea  (England)


2013–14  Sevilla  (Spain)


2014–15  Sevilla  (Spain)


2015–16  Sevilla  (Spain)


2016–17  Manchester United (England)


2017–18  Atletico Madrid (Spain)


2018–19  Chelsea (England)


2019–20  Sevilla  (Spain) 


Europa League winners list, the all-time winners chart


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