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Dutch Eredivisie league winners list



Dutch Eredivisie winners list

2020–21 Ajax Amsterdam
2019–20 Abandoned (Covid-19)
2018–19 Ajax Amsterdam
2017–18 PSV Eindhoven
2016–17 Feyenoord Rotterdam
2015–16 PSV Eindhoven
2014–15 PSV Eindhoven
2013–14 Ajax Amsterdam
2012–13 Ajax Amsterdam
2011–12 Ajax Amsterdam
2010–11 Ajax Amsterdam
2009–10 Twente
2008–09 AZ Alkmaar
2007–08 PSV Eindhoven
2006–07 PSV Eindhoven
2005–06 PSV Eindhoven
2004–05 PSV Eindhoven
2003–04 Ajax Amsterdam
2002–03 PSV Eindhoven
2001–02 Ajax Amsterdam
2000–01 PSV Eindhoven
1999–2000 PSV Eindhoven
1998–99 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1997–98 Ajax Amsterdam
1996–97 PSV Eindhoven
1995–96 Ajax Amsterdam
1994–95 Ajax Amsterdam
1993–94 Ajax Amsterdam
1992–93 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1991–92 PSV Eindhoven
1990–91 PSV Eindhoven
1989–90 Ajax Amsterdam
1988–89 PSV Eindhoven
1987–88 PSV Eindhoven
1986–87 PSV Eindhoven
1985–86 PSV Eindhoven
1984–85 Ajax Amsterdam
1983–84 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1982–83 Ajax Amsterdam
1981–82 Ajax Amsterdam
1980–81 AZ 67
1979–80 Ajax Amsterdam
1978–79 Ajax Amsterdam
1977–78 PSV Eindhoven
1976–77 Ajax Amsterdam
1975–76 PSV Eindhoven
1974–75 PSV Eindhoven
1973–74 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1972–73 Ajax Amsterdam
1971–72 Ajax Amsterdam
1970–71 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1969–70 Ajax Amsterdam
1968–69 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1967–68 Ajax Amsterdam
1966–67 Ajax Amsterdam
1965–66 Ajax Amsterdam
1964–65 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1963–64 DWS
1962–63 PSV Eindhoven
1961–62 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1960–61 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1959–60 Ajax Amsterdam
1958–59 Sparta Rotherham
1957–58 D.O.S
1956–57 Ajax Amsterdam

1955–56 Rapid JC
1954–55 Willem II
1953–54 FC Eindhoven
1952–53 RCH
1951–52 Willem II
1950–51 PSV Eindhoven
1949–50 Limburgia
1948–49 SVV
1947–48 BVV Den Bosch
1946–47 Ajax Amsterdam
1945–46 Haarlem
1944–45 Did not hold
1943–44 De Volewijckers
1942–43 ADO
1941–42 ADO
1940–41 Heracles
1939–40 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1938–39 Ajax Amsterdam
1937–38 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1936–37 Ajax Amsterdam
1935–36 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1934–35 PSV Eindhoven
1933–34 Ajax Amsterdam
1932–33 Go Ahead
1931–32 Ajax Amsterdam
1930–31 Ajax Amsterdam
1929–30 Go Ahead
1928–29 PSV Eindhoven
1927–28 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1926–27 Heracles
1925–26 SC Enschede
1924–25 HBS Craeyenhout
1923–24 Feyenoord Rotterdam
1922–23 RCH
1921–22 Go Ahead
1920–21 NAC
1919–20 Be Quick 1887
1918–19 Ajax Amsterdam
1917–18 Ajax Amsterdam
1916–17 Go Ahead
1915–16 Willem II
1914–15 Sparta Rotherham
1913–14 HVV
1912–13 Sparta Rotherham
1911–12 Sparta Rotherham
1910–11 Sparta Rotherham
1909–10 HVV
1908–09 Sparta Rotherham
1907–08 Quick Den Haag
1906–07 HVV
1905–06 HBS Craeyenhout
1904–05 HVV
1903–04 HBS Craeyenhout
1902–03 HVV
1901–02 HVV
1900–01 HVV
1899–00 HVV
1898–99 RAP
1897–98 RAP
1896–97 RAP
1895–96 HVV
1894–95 HFC
1893–94 RAP
1892–93 HFC
1891–92 RAP
1890–91 HVV
1889–90 HFC
1888–89 Concordia


Most successful Eredivisie teams 

Ajax Amsterdam

Ajax is the most successful team, with over 35 league titles.

During the early years, Ajax Amsterdam was not in the picture when it came to winners of the Dutch league at that time. It took the club about 28 years before it could win.


Ajax Amsterdam won the league in four successive seasons without having many difficulties. The only club that matched this record was PSV Eindhoven, who had four titles in four consecutive seasons.


Since the start of the modern era of football in Dutch Eredivisie, the club has won seven league titles, including four consecutive seasons, which is less than PSV Eindhoven’s ten titles.


PSV Eindhoven

PSV Eindhoven is the second most successful team in the Dutch Eredivisie with 24 titles, most of which were achieved in the modern era of Dutch football.

PSV Eindhoven won its first league title in the 1928–29 season, waiting six years before adding a second in 1934–35. The club has won the league four consecutive seasons twice, which is a record better than Ajax Amsterdam, who only achieved this record once in the club’s history.


Feyenoord Rotterdam

Feyenoord Rotterdam is the third-best, most successful team in the division’s history, with 15 titles. Feyenoord has ten professional-era titles, with the other five in the old generation.


HVV Den Haag

HVV Den Haag is the fourth most successful team in the history of the Eredivisie league. The club lifted the title in the 1890–91 season, which was the first league triumph, and the last time was in the 1913–14 season.


Sparta Rotterdam

Sparta Rotterdam is the fifth most successful club in Dutch Eredivisie history, with six titles. Although, unlike their city rivals Feyenoord Rotterdam, Sparta also boosts a reasonable number of titles in the domestic scene.



RAP was a football club that played most of its seasons in the old Netherlands Football League Championship. The club won five league titles.


Go Ahead Eagles

Go Ahead Eagles is the seventh most successful team in league history with four titles. The Eagles claimed a first league title in 1917.


Other notable Champions

Koninklijke HFC – Titles 3
Willem II – Titles 3
HBS Craeyenhout – Titles 3
AZ – Titles 2
Heracles Almelo – Titles 2
ADO Den Haag – Titles 2
RCH – Titles 2


The Dutch Eredivisie league is the top tier football competition in The Netherlands that has produced notable winners in the past and present.


The Dutch Eredivisie league is one of the oldest football league competitions in Europe, with the first Championship awarded in 1898.

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