Copa America winners list, Champions in history

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Copa America winners list, Champions in history


Which country has won more Copa America? Uruguay has won more Copa America titles with 15.


When did Colombia win Copa America? 2001.

How many Copa America has Messi won? Lionel Messi is yet to win a Copa America title as a player.


How many Copa America has Brazil won? Brazil has won the Copa America nine times.


The Copa America is an annual football tournament organized by the South American CONMEBOL association as the Premier football Competitions for the senior national team.


The Competition is also the oldest football tournament in the South American continent and was established in 1916.


The winner of the Copa America has crowned Champions of South American for the next two calendar year before another edition will be held.


Since the establishment, Uruguay remains the most successful in the history of Copa America with 15 titles.


The tournament is held concurrently most especially in the early years where it was either held after just a year or in two years.


Uruguay is the most successful national team in the South With 15 Copa America titles won in its history better than the likes of Brazil, Argentina and Chile.


Uruguay won the inaugural edition of the Copa America in 1916, beating close neighbours Argentina in the final.


Most successful teams in the Copa America



When it comes to the Copa America winners list, Uruguay tops the list of most Championships won in its entire history with over 15 titles.


1916 Uruguay won its first title at the expense of neighbours Argentina in the final.


The country went further to make it back to back Copa America wins lifting the next edition the following year in 1917 once again against Argentina.


Uruguay almost made it four straight titles but was pegged back by a more dominant Brazil in the third edition after a goal after which came after extra time gifted the Brazilians the first win.


In the fourth year, Uruguay made it to their fourth Copa America finals in consecutive years, lifting the trophy against Brazil this time after losing out the previous tournament against the same side.


This means the Southern American country won it three times in four years.

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It took the country more than five years to lift another title in 1923 against Argentina in the final.


From 1923 to 1926, Uruguay won another three Copa America titles.


This achievement registered the country’s name on the list of Champions with an incredible record of titles won within the space of few years.


The last time Uruguay won the Copa America was during the 43rd edition hosted by Argentina.


Indeed it was a very remarkable achievement from the Uruguayan national team, winning up to 15 titles.


Modern football era

Since the start of the modern era of football, Uruguay has only managed one title which was achieved in 2011.


The country enjoyed its participation in the Copa America in the early years of the competition.


Uruguay singlehandedly won over ten titles in the first twenty editions of the South American Premier football tournament.


Although the competition from other teams was fierce, the Uruguayans were still able to scale through despite having the great teams having some of the best players on the planet then.


The modem era has been like a trial and error for the national team which could be attributed to more competition from other countries like Brazil and Argentina, who boast of having some of the best players in the world in the 21st century.


For Uruguay in the modern era, there are still some talented players in the mix including Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez.


2011 Final

The 2011 Copa America hosted by Argentina was the 4th edition of the continental showpiece.


Uruguawasre crowned champions of the tournament as Luis Suarez and Sebastián Coates were awarded the best player and best young player of the tournament.


The team was led by Óscar Tabárez.



Argentina is the second most successful team in the history of the Copa America with over 14 titles behind a more dominant Uruguay at the time.


Argentine won its first Copa America trophy in 1921, waited for another four years before adding a second.


Argentina’s record was not like the record set by Uruguay. However, the country still had five titles in the first Fifteen editions.

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In the modern era, Argentina has failed to win a single Copa America titles.


However, the team have gotten four finals ending up as runners up. The most recent final loss was in 2016 as well as the previous edition in 2015.


Filled with some of the best players in the 21st century including the likes of Lionel Messi, Sergio Kun Aguero, etc it has been a difficult outing for the Argentine senior national football team at the continental showpiece.


In the 2019 edition, Argentina could only manage a third place finish.

Argentina are the 2021 Copa America winners.



Brazil is the third most successful team in the Copa America winners list with 9 titles.


Brazil won its first title in 1919, waited for another three years in 1922 to add a second.


The Brazilian national team could only manage two titles in the first twenty years of the Copa America.


In the modern era of football, Brazil has won the highest number of titles starting from 2004 to 2019 which was the last time the country won it.


The Selecao have also ended up as runners up on Eleven occasions.


2019 triumph

Brazil won the 2019 Copa America trophy in a much-heated tournament. Brazil defeated Peru in the final to lift its ninth trophy.



Paraguaya has also won the Copa America titles twice in the country’s history.


The country won its first title in 1953 and the last came in 1979.


Since that triumph, the country has not won any Copa America title but have ended up as runners up with recent in 2011 against Uruguay who made it a record 15th title.



Chile has also won two Copa America titles and this was achieved at the expense of Argentina who inspires its golden generation players who could not win the two finals.


Chile defeated Argentina on two occasions between 2015 and 2016 to deny Argentina a possible 16th trophy which could have surpassed Uruguay’s 15th title record.



Peru is another team on the Copa America winners list with up to two titles


The Peruvians emerged Champions in 1939 and the last title came in 1975.


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Colombia is another side with a small history in terms of titles in the Copa America.


The Colombians only managed to lift the trophy once in 2001.


The Colombians have also ended up as runners up once. The country’s outing in 2016 was a third-place finish.



Bolivia is another national team in South America that have also tasted the Copa America trophy, writing its name on the list of Champions in history.


Bolivia won its only title in 1963.


Teams that have not won the Competition

Ecuador and Venezuela are the only two countries in South America that are yet to win the Copa America since its inception in 1916 which Uruguay lifted that year.


Invitees and performance

The continental body, the CONMEBOL has invited foreign teams to participate in the Tournament including México, United States, Honduras, Qatar, Japan, etc.


Some of these teams often send a rookie squad to the tournament.


Copa America winners list, Full Champions list

2021 Argentina

2019 Brazil

2016 Chile

2015 Chile

2011 Uruguay

2007 Brazil

2004 Brazil

2001 Colombia

1999 Brazil

1997 Brazil

1995 Uruguay

1993 Argentina

1991 Argentina

1989 Brazil

1987 Uruguay

1983 Uruguay

1979 Paraguay

1975 Peru

1967 Uruguay

1963 Bolivia

1959 Uruguay

1959 Argentina

1957 Argentina

1956 Uruguay

1955 Argentina

1953 Paraguay

1949 Brazil

1947 Argentina

1946 Argentina

1945 Argentina

1942 Uruguay

1941 Argentina

1939 Peru

1937 Argentina

1935 Uruguay

1929 Argentina

1927 Argentina

1926 Uruguay

1925 Argentina

1924 Uruguay

1923 Uruguay

1922 Brazil

1921 Argentina

1920 Uruguay

1919 Brazil

1917 Uruguay

1916 Uruguay

Competitiveness of the Copa America

In terms of the national team football Competition, the Copa America standouts as the third most competitive tournament after behind the UEFA Euro Championship and the FIFA World Cup.


It is always a tough battle between the top three great football nations including Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.


Recently, Chile shot itself onto the scene winning back to back titles between 2015 and 2016 all at the expense of Argentina.




The Competition is the third most popular behind UEFA Euro Championship and the FIFA World Cup.



This article highlights the Copa America winners list.

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