CONCACAF Champions League winners, list of Champions in History

CONCACAF Champions League winners, list of Champions in History

May 6, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

CONCACAF Champions League winners, the list of Champions in the history of the competition.


Who has won the most CONCACAF Champions League? Club América has won the most CONCACAF Champions League with seven titles.


When was the last time América won the CONCACAF Champions League? 2014 was the last time América won the Championship League.


Has an MLS team won the CONCACAF Champions League? Yes! La Galaxy and DC United are the only MLS teams to have won the CONCACAF Champions League.


2020 CONCACAF Champions League winners? Tigres UANL won the 2020 edition.



The CONCACAF Champions League is the most prestigious soccer Competitions in the North American CONCACAF region.


It is also contested by teams from the North Central and Caribbean nations.


It is the top tier continental football Competitions contested by a team that finishes in the champions league position the previous season.


Méxican league MX big boys and league winners Chivas Guadalajara won the inaugural edition of the CONCACAF Champions League held in 1962, by beating Guatemala club Comunicaciones in the final.


In the history of the CONCACAF Champions League, Méxican teams have won 36 titles clearly showing the country’s overwhelming dominance in the North American continent.


When it comes to the most successful club, Club América holds the record as the most successful team in CONCACAF Champions League with seven titles.


The format decider

In the early years of the Competition, a two-legged final to decide the Champions for that season was used.


However, a new format was adopted with a single final which saw Club América won the first single final Era.


But once again, the two-legged final formats was reintroduced in the modern era precisely in 2003.

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América has won the most titles. In total, México has 36 titles over the other teams from other countries after 55 editions.


Since the competition was rebranded to the CONCACAF Champions League, only teams from Mexico have consistently won it.


CONCACAF Champions League 2020 winners


Méxican Liga MX side Tigres UANL are the winners of the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League beating Los Angeles FC in the final.


Three Champions, one season


In 1978, three Champions emerged in the final round of proceedings.


But why did three winners emerge as in the 1978 CONCACAF Champions League season?


The season was awarded to Comunicaciones, Leones Negros and Defence Force as a result of administrative problems that led to the Competition been awarded to the three teams


Méxican teams dominance

In the entire history of the CONCACAF Champions League, teams from México have met each other up to fourteen times.


Club América prides itself as the best in the competition have won it seven times.


Other Méxican teams have won it more than once including Cruz Azul (6), Pachuca (5), Monterrey (4).


Teams from other nations that have won a decent number of titles including Saprissa (3, Costa Rica), Alajuelense (2, Costa Rica), Transvaal (2, Suriname), Olimpia (2, Honduras) Defence Force (2, Trinidad and Tobago).


The defending champions of the competition are Tigres UANL, winning its first title in 2020.


CONCACAF Champions League winners, list of Champions and all-time successful in history


Club América

Club América is a Méxican professional football league competing in the country’s top tier division, regarded as one of the most successful teams in the country.


América prides itself as one of the major dominators of the continental showpiece with over seven titles won in its entire history.

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The club won its first title in 1977 but waited another ten years before adding a second title.

Between 1990 and 1992, Club América won another two CONCACAF Champions League to make it four titles.


Moving into the modern era were crowned Champions again in 2006 and 2015 and 2016, the club made it back to back wins to bring the total trophies to seven.


The Mexican giants have never lost in any final.

Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul is the second most successful Méxican team in the CONCACAF Champions League with six titles.


Azul however won most of its titles in the mid to late 90s.


Cruz Azul made history after clinching the title in three consecutive seasons from 1969, 1970, and 1971 seasons respectively.


Another back to back wins was also achieved between 1996 and 1997.


When was the last time Cruz Azul won the CONCACAF Champions League?


The last time Cruz Azul won the CONCACAF Champions League was in 2014.



Pachuca is a professional football club competing in the Méxican Liga MX. The club has also won over five CONCACAF Champions League all of which were achieved in the 2000s.


Pachuca lifted its first title in 2002 and the last time the club won it was in 2014.



Monterey is a professional football club from México.


It is a giant in the continental showpiece and were Champions on four different occasions.


The club won three consecutive CONCACAF Champions League from 2011 to 2013 and the last time was in 2019.



Saprissa is the only non Méxican team with three titles in the Competition.


The club from Costa Rica was declared winners the last time in 2005.

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Pumas UNAM

The University football club also boasts three titles.


The club also ended up as runners up on two occasions.


Complete list of Champions

2020 Tigres UANL

2019 Monterrey

2018 Guadalajara

2016–17 Pachuca

2015–16 Club América

2014–15 Club América

2013–14 Cruz Azul

2012–13 Monterrey

2011–12 Monterrey

2010–11 Monterrey

2009–10 Pachuca

2008–09 Atlante

2008 Pachuca

2007 Pachuca

2006 Club América

2005 Saprissa

2004 Alajuelense

2003 Toluca

2002 Pachuca

2001 Competition did not hold

2000 Los Angeles Galaxy

1999 Necaxa

1998 DC United

1997 Cruz Azul

1996 Cruz Azul

1995 Saprissa

1994 Cartaginés

1993 Saprissa

1992 Club América

1991 Puebla

1990 Club América

1989 Pumas UNAM

1988 Olimpia

1987 Club América

1986 Alajuelense

1985 Defence Force

1984 Violette

1983 Atlante

1982 Pumas UNAM

1981 Transvaal

1980 Pumas UNAM

1979 CD Futbolistas Asociados Santanecos

1978 Leones Negros, Defence Force, Comunicaciones

1977 Club América

1976 Águila

1975 Atlético Español

1974 Municipal

1973 Transvaal

1972 Olimpia

1971 Cruz Azul

1970 Cruz Azul

1969 Cruz Azul

1968 Toluca

1967 Alianza

1964–66 Competition did not hold

1963 Racing Club Haïtien

1962 Guadalajara






Winners by country



Mexico 36

Costa Rica 6

El Salvador 3

Suriname 2

Honduras 2

Trinidad and Tobago 2

Guatemala 2

The United States 2

Haiti 2

Cuba 0

Curacao 0

Aruba 0


Canada 0



The CONCACAF Champions League is an annual football competition organized by the CONCACAF football body which oversees the affairs of the game in North America.


Since its inception, Méxican teams have dominated the competition more than any other team from other founding members.


This article highlights the List of CONCACAF Champions League winners and the most successful in history.

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