Changhoon Kwon: SC Freiburg winger on his way to South Korea for military duties

Bundesliga club SC Freiburg had confirmed Changhoon Kwon will leave the club for his home country South Korea ahead of compulsory military duties.

The 26-year old winger was recently out of the club. But the head coach of the club had further confirmed Changhoon Kwon’s imminent departure from the club.

According to the head coach, the winger is leaving the club because he has to go for military duties and could be out for as long as eighteen months.

“Changhoon Kwon is leaving because he has to do military service in South Korea. I think it’ll last 18 months. In a sense, he will go to a military club that has now been promoted from the second to the first division in South Korea, ”said the Freiburg coach.

However, despite this departure, the impending contract talks remain in the air which cast doubts about his future with the Bundesliga club.

Although the head coach could not reveal the true state of the players future at the club, there are signs an extension could take place.

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“That would be too broad at the moment to make.” concluded the manager.


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