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League Cup (Carabao Cup) vs FA Cup: Comparing the two trophies

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Regarding domestic cup competitions in English football, the Carabao Cup (League Cup) and the FA Cup are two of the most prestigious tournaments. While both offer teams a chance to lift silverware, there are some key differences between the two competitions.


History and Tradition


The FA Cup, also known as the Football Association Challenge Cup, is the oldest football tournament in the world. It was first contested in the 1871-72 season, and it has been held annually ever since. The competition is open to all clubs from the top 10 levels of the English football pyramid, meaning that even non-league sides can participate.

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The Carabao Cup, on the other hand, has a much shorter history. It was first played in the 1960-61 season under the Football League Cup. The Carabao Cup was renamed in 2017 due to a sponsorship deal with the Thai energy drink company. The competition is open to all 92 clubs in the top four divisions of English football.



The FA Cup follows a knockout format, with teams being drawn against each other randomly in each round. The draw is unseeded, which means that lower-league teams have the chance to face Premier League giants in the early rounds. The competition begins with qualifying rounds for lower-league and non-league sides, with the winners joining the teams from the Premier League and the English Football League in the first round proper.

League Cup Trophy

The Carabao Cup also follows a knockout format, but the draw is seeded based on the teams’ league positions from the previous season. This means the top Premier League teams are usually kept apart until later rounds. The competition begins with the first round in August, featuring only the 92 clubs from the top four divisions of English football.

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Prestige and Importance


While both competitions offer teams a chance to lift a trophy, the FA Cup is generally considered to be the more prestigious of the two. The tournament’s rich history and tradition, combined with the fact that it is open to non-league sides, symbolizes English football’s democratic values.


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The Carabao Cup, on the other hand, is often seen as a secondary competition. Many top Premier League teams use it as an opportunity to rotate their squads and give playing time to younger or fringe players. While winning the Carabao Cup is still a significant achievement, it is not usually considered on the same level as winning the FA Cup.


The Carabao Cup and the FA Cup offer teams a chance to win silverware and create memorable moments. The FA Cup is the older and more prestigious of the two competitions, with a rich history and tradition that is unmatched by any other cup competition in the world. The Carabao Cup, while still a significant competition, is often seen as secondary to the FA Cup and is typically used by top Premier League teams to rotate their squads.

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