Canadian soccer league system – pyramid explained

September 30, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

The Canadian Soccer League system shows the level of soccer in the country from Professional to semi Professional level.


Over the years, the soccer scene in the country has gone through series of changes in the country.


It was first played in First played 1876 and have gone through series of changes.


Is soccer popular in Canada? Soccer in Canada is one of the largest participatory sport and is one of the fastest-growing sport with the newly created Canadians Premier League already yielding success.


What is the best soccer club in Canada? Toronto FC, Club de Foot Montréal, Vancouver Whitecaps FC and recently Forge FC are the best soccer teams in Canada at the professional level.


Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), is the governing body that oversees the system in the country.


The Major League Soccer, the Canadian Premier League and the United Soccer League are the professionally run soccer leagues in Canada.

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There are also many semi-professional and amateur soccer leagues across the country.


Canadian teams including Toronto FC, Club de Foot Montréal and Vancouver Whitecaps FC compete in the Major League Soccer.


Canadian Soccer League system – pyramid explained


Professional Soccer – Men


Canadian Premier League


Level: 1

Teams: 8

Country: Country


The Canadian Premier League, CPL or CanPL is the primary national soccer league played by professional soccer clubs across Canada.


Eight teams from five of Canada’s ten provinces participate in the league.


It runs from April to October with the regular season followed by an end of season playoffs to determine the league champion.


CPL teams will participate in the CONCACAF Champions League as well as the CONCACAF League.


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Major League Soccer (MLS)


Level: 1

Teams: 27

Country: United States, Canada.

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The Major League Soccer or MLS is a men’s professional soccer league in the United States and Canada.


The league is divided into Eastern Conference and Western Conference respectively.


The league is contested by 27 teams (24 from the US and 3 from Canada).

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Semi-professional – Men


League1 Ontario


Level: 3

Teams: 21

Country: Canada


League1 Ontario (L1O) is a semi-professional soccer league contested by 21 teams. The league is played by teams from Ontario.


Première Ligue de soccer du Québec


Level: 3

Teams: 10

Country: Canada


Première Ligue de soccer du Québec is a semi-professional soccer league contested by 21 teams from Quebec.


USL League One


Level: 3

Teams: 12

Country: United States, Canada.


USL League One (USL1) is a professional soccer league in the United States and Canada. The league sits on level three of the Canadian soccer league system.


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Challenge Trophy


Level: 4

Teams: 12 or more

Country: Canada


Challenge Trophy is a soccer organized competition for provincial/territorial associations.


USL League Two

Level: 4

Teams: 83

Country: United States, Canada, Bermuda


USL League Two (USL2) is a semi-professional developmental soccer league.


Women’s Soccer in Canada – Professional


National Women’s Soccer League


Level: 1

Teams: 10

Country: United States.

Other Women’s Soccer Leagues

  • UWS League 1
  • Women’s Premier Soccer League
  • League1 Ontario
  • Première Ligue de Soccer Féminine du Québec
  • Jubilee Trophy


Canadian Championship – National


Status: National

Teams: Pro and semi-professional

Country: Canada


Canadian Championship is the national knockout cup competition played by Professional and semi-professional soccer clubs in Canada.


The Canadian Soccer League system or pyramid shows the level of soccer in the country. The current system shows the CPL and the MLS are the two top-level professional leagues in the country.

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