Canadian Premier League tryouts, CPL teams & how to join

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The Canadian Premier League (CPL) teams organize tryouts across the country to scouts for young talented soccer players.


The Canadian Premier League has improved over the years and is currently set to help young players established themselves by taking their careers up to the next level.


The league also boost young players from Europe, Latin America, Asia, etc.



In a bid to improve the standard of play in the Canadian Premier League, clubs have decided to organize tryouts across the country in a bid to identify talents.


Canadian Premier League tryouts and how to go about it


The league organizers have made it easier for players to easily catch the attention of clubs in the division.


Some of the ways to join a Canadian Premier League team is joined through the Academy tryouts, the league open tryouts or by invitation.

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Top Canadian Professional Soccer Clubs including Forge FC, Atlético Ottawa, York United organize tryouts for players.


The ways to join CPL teams


1. Open tryouts

The Open tryouts are completely different for each club and it usually takes up to two days or more depending on the organization and schedule.


It usually costs around 200 dollars for Canadian Premier League open trials.


Even if you fail to cut at the end of the tryouts, you still have an advantage.


This is because you’ll get noticed and coaches could still recommendations you for clubs looking for players in Canada.


Also, it is another avenue to increase your level of exposure to soccer.


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Ways to succeed during tryouts

Tryouts are once in a while Program usually once or twice a year and you should take it upon yourself as a priority to impress scouts and representatives.


* High confident

Stay up to date and alert at all times.


The key secret is to remain at your best at all times during tryouts because scouts are always watching to measure your performance with other players.


* Choose a role

Before you head out for tryouts, you should have gotten a picture of what you are expected to do.


To increase your chances of getting picked, you should attend trials with a part role you are good at.


To identify this, you can approach your trainer or your local team coach who will recommendations the best position for you.

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Also on your part, you could still access yourself to know the position you can easily play when you are allowed to play.


If you’ve already chosen to play as a forward or in a midfield position, you should stick to it and continue to improve on yourself.


Train regularly and be consistent with the role you’ve already chosen.


* Creating a personal training schedule

One of the ways to improve your game is by taking care of personal training.


Train regularly either alone or with teammates.


Advantages of the Open Tryouts

* You gain more exposure as you play alongside other young players across the country.

* Your level of confidence on the field of play is expected to increase even though you fail to impress.

* Opportunity to meet coaches and scouts who could end up picking up interest in you based on your performance.


2. CPL–U Sports Draft


The CPL–U Sports Draft is a Soccer development organization created to help young players in colleges or universities accelerate their careers.


It is an annual Soccer development event in which Canadian Premier League clubs select players from U Sports.


Its basics consist of two rounds for teams and players.


Drafted or selected players at the end of the event will get an invitation to the CPL team’s preseason camp which promises to earn them their first pro contract.


Eligible for CPL–U Sports Draft

Players with one or more years of U Sports eligibility remaining and have declared for the draft


Players with the previous season’s development contracts can be retained by their CPL clubs as long as they have U Sports eligibility remaining.


Players with no existing contract with CPL teams would be eligible to re-enter the draft.


3. Apply directly


You should consider applying directly for a place in CPL teams.


You can kickstart today by completing your CV, highlights or videotapes of yourself and apply directly.


The Canadian Premier League is still new and players are looking for players that could adapt to their philosophy and style of play.


How to contact Canadian Premier League (CPL teams) for trials


Step: 1 Head to the CPL official website on

Step: 2 Head over to the CPL club’s section and click on the club you’re interested to join.

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Step: 3 Click on Club overview and select the “Contact” button.

Step: 4 You will be presented with an official contact form. Here you can fill in details as well as videotapes you’ve recorded.


Note: This is recommended for players outside Canada like the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa.


Although it is not limited, Canadians interested could still contact these clubs directly through the CPL website.


4. Agent and soccer scouts


Agents and soccer scouts are recommended options.


If you can find a good agent willing to charge you less, you can strike a deal with him so he can do all the work for you.


Top agents have contact with these Canadian Premier League clubs and this could fast track your approval or invitation for trials.


5. Visit CPL teams training sessions


You could still find your way to the team by visiting training sessions of Canadian Premier League clubs.


As you visit, you could speak to coaches or trainers of the team to share with them your intentions of becoming part of their team.

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Canadian Premier League teams looking for players

  • Atlético Ottawa
  • Cavalry FC
  • FC Edmonton
  • Forge FC
  • HFX Wanderers FC
  • Pacific FC
  • Valour FC
  • York United FC


Atlético Ottawa

Atlético Ottawa is a soccer club based in Ottawa, Ontario that competes in the CPL.


Founded in 2020, the club is one of the new teams in the CPL.


The club plays its home games at the TD Place Stadium in Ottawa. They are affiliated with the Spanish La Liga side of Atlético Madrid.


Cavalry FC

Cavalry Football Club is a soccer club based in the Calgary metropolitan region of Alberta that competes in the CPL.


Founded in 2018, the club plays its home games at the ATCO Field, Foothills County, Alberta.


FC Edmonton

FC Edmonton is a soccer club based in Edmonton, Alberta that competes in the CPL.


The club is one of the first teams to compete in the newly created soccer league in Canada.


Forge FC

Forge FC is a soccer club based in Hamilton, Ontario, that competes in the CPL.


The club won the first two editions of the CPL. Forge FC is currently the most successful team in the history of the Canadian Premier League with two titles.

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Forge became the first CPL team to compete in the CONCACAF Champions League, North America’s second-tier club competition.


HFX Wanderers FC


Halifax Wanderers is a soccer club based in Halifax, Nova Scotia that competes in the CPL.


The club plays its home games at the Wanderers Grounds, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Pacific FC

Pacific Football Club is a soccer club based in Greater Victoria, British Columbia that competes in the CPL.


Valour FC

Valour Football Club is a soccer club based in Winnipeg, Manitoba that competes in the CPL.


The club plays its home matches at IG Field.


York United FC

York United Football Club is a soccer club based in Toronto, Ontario that competes in the CPL.


The club plays its home games at York University’s York Lions Stadium.


You could still contact clubs directly to enquire about the latest tryouts.

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Canadian Premier League rules with the aim to help young players


* There should be a minimum of six Canadian starters per game.


* Foreign players in the CPL are limited to seven per team to encourage Canadian participation and development.


* About three of the domestic players must be under the age of 21 also to encourage player development.


About the Canadian Premier League

The CPL is the newly created top flight professional soccer league for clubs in Canada.


It is currently contested by eight teams with futher plans for expansion already made public.


The was created to help young players in Canada established themselves to become top players in North America


To achieve better soccer development in the country, rules encouraging the use of home grown talents was introduced.




You should always consider ways that would help you become a better player if you’re aim is to become a professional.


Soccer is another popular sport in Canada. With the creation of the CPL, the level of soccer in the country is expected to grow beyond the current level.



Canadian Premier League teams carry out tryouts across various locations in Canada to scout qualified players.


Players interested to join CPL clubs in Canada could pass through Open Tryouts, CPL–U Sports Draft, Agents / Scouts or Direct Application.

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