Canadian Premier League players salary 2021 – all you need to know

Canadian Premier League players salary 2021 – all you need to know

September 25, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

Canadian Premier League salary cap promises to help players earn a decent amount of money on at least weekly or monthly basis.


The increase in player salaries was made to further increase the level of participation, competitions as well as the level of professionalism in the league.


The Canadian Premier League sits at the top of the Canadian soccer league system as the country’s primary soccer league alongside the Major League Soccer.



The CPL which is a big project, is expected to become the next go to destination with futher plans for possible expansion of teams already made public.


Three of the biggest soccer teams from Canada including Toronto FC, CF Montréal and Vancouver Whitecaps FC currently plays in Major League Soccer.


Canadian Premier League players salary analysis


The Canadian Premier League uses a salary cap system to help in the welfare of players across the league.


Every Canadian Premier League club is required to spend a total of CA$650,000 to $850,000 on player compensation.


The salary cap is set around $1.2 million.


This includes housing, bonuses as well other welfare packages for players.


The minimum salary for players in the Canadian Premier League is around $22,000 per player as a standard set by the league organizers. This includes other compensation which is expected to reach $26,000.8


Compared with the MLS which is stronger with much more investment over the years, the MLS clubs pay far much better.


For the MLS, the salary cap for clubs was $9.225 million in 2021.


How much do Canadian Premier League players make?

The average player pay in 2021 is around $40,000, which may include housing, car allowances and incentive bonuses.


The league the salary scale is $77,000.

Player contracts with options see an average 15% increase based on two-year options.


Some Canadian Premier League salary is weekly around £1,000 per week and up to £52,000 per year.


Players within the top 100 players salary scale earn a combined £42,908 per week and £2,231,216 per year.


Canadian Premier League top 5 highest-paid players 2021


Karifa Yao

Salary: £1,000 (weekly) £52,000 (annually).


Karifa Yao is a Canadian Professional Soccer player who plays for Calvary FC in the Canadian Premier League on loan from MLS outfit CF Montréal.

The 20-year old is currently the highest-earning soccer player in the Canadian Premier League with a weekly wage of around £1,000 and £52,000 yearly.


The Montreal born defender is on the books of CF Montréal in the MLS but had to move on loan to the CPL teams to gain more exposure.


So far in 2021, he has played made over 16 appearances for the club. In 2019, he won the Canadian Championship with CF Montréal which is currently his highest trophy.


He is expected to continue with Calvary FC until the end of the current campaign.


Keesean Ferdinand

Salary: £1,000 (weekly), £52,000 (annually).


Keesean Ferdinand is a Canadian Professional Soccer player who plays for CPL side Atlético Ottawa on loan from MLS outfit CF Montréal.

He plays as a defender for the Canadian Premier League outfit. He is one of the notable names from CF Montréal currently in the books of CPL teams in the current campaign.


He is currently a joint top highest earner in the league with £1,000 as weekly wages and £52,000 as his yearly income.


The 18-year old defender coming from the youth ranks of CF Montréal was one of the most outstanding players.

To help him gain more exposure in a bid to secure the first team in the MLS, Ferdinand was sent on loan.

He joined CF Montréal in 2020 through the club’s youth academy.


Daan Klomp

Salary: £770 (weekly), £40,040 (annually).


Daan Klomp is a Dutch soccer player who is Professionally for Calvary FC in the CPL.

He began his career as a youth player with JVOZ before moving on to join NAC Breda.

He last played for Helmond Sport on loan from NAC Breda before making a permanent switch to the CPL based team Calvary FC in 2021.

He’s been a regular and has had over 15 appearances for the club.


Julian Ulbricht

Salary: £710 (weekly), £36,920 (annually).


Julian Ulbricht is one of the German soccer players in the Canadian Premier League.


Julian Ulbricht plays for York United in the CPL as a forward.


He began his Professional Soccer career with Hamburger SV II in the Bundesliga youth, scoring six times in 21 appearances for the club.

He moved to York United in 2021 and have since made two appearances for the club.

He is one of the top foreign-based players in the CPL to watch this season.


Canadian Premier League broadcast deal and a possible increase in revenue


The Canadian Premier League is gradually increasing in terms of a worldwide audience.


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The increase in broadcast partners is expected to bring more money to clubs which is also expected to increase the level of player salaries in the league.


More television broadcast partners meas more money which would help increase the salary level for the players across the league.


In the Major League Soccer, the huge financial incentives accrued from television deals as well as partnership is behind the outrageous salary players do receive as weekly or yearly payment.


With more money in the Canadian Premier League, the players salary would increase.


CPL Teams


Atlético Ottawa

Cavalry FC

FC Edmonton

Forge FC

HFX Wanderers FC

Pacific FC

Valour FC

York United FC


Player Development in the CPL

Important rules were established to allow players to gain more exposure as well as opportunities.


Currently, there’s a minimum of six Canadian starters per game.


Also, about three of the domestic players must be under the age of 21 and play at least 1,500 combined minutes per season.


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The CPL promises to be a big brand in the next coming years thanks to the ever improving presence and exposure of clubs.


Broadcast as well as other major investments are expected to hit the league even as the recent expansion plans was made public.



The article highlights Canadian Premier League players salary weekly, monthly and yearly income for players across the league including the highest paid players.

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