Canadian Premier League expansion: analyzing the benefits, clubs involved

Canadian Premier League expansion: analyzing the benefits, clubs involved

September 30, 2021 Off By Ibiye Ambille

The proposed expansion plans by the Canadian Premier League is the right step to take for the growth of soccer in Canada.


The league is currently one of the fastest-growing in North America in terms of youth development.


About two-thirds of the players across the eight Professional teams in the Canadian Premier League are made up of young players from ages 17 to 25.


This shows the future of soccer in the country is heading in the right direction.


At least, the level of competition in the league will not only help Canadian soccer but the Canadians Men’s National Teams as well


According to RCI, The Canadian Premier League (CPL) announced it is looking to expand to Saskatchewan and has awarded exclusive rights to Living Sky Sports and Entertainment (LSSE).


Alan Simpson, the founder of LSSE, the acquisition of the exclusive rights to CPL expansion club is the right step to take.

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To accelerate the process, immediately the development of a soccer-specific stadium would begin with the view of creating a standard stadium suitable for the league

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The expansion of the league to other provinces in the country would further increase the number of Professional Soccer clubs playing at the highest level of soccer in the country.


Since the CanPL only has eight teams, the expansion of the league would allow more teams to improve on their standard from semi-professional to a more competitive level.


The expansion would be beneficial for the country and the future of soccer in general.


More participation across the province of Canada’s is expected to increase beyond the current level.


There would be an increased level of professionalism in the country.


In Ontario and Qu├ębec where the semi-professional division already thrives, a possible expansion would further upgrade the level of these clubs who could be open to joining the professional league.

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At least, the current standard of the league in the country is not hard for smaller teams to consider moving upward.


Another good news is that the level of competition would attract a larger audience which means more money for participating clubs through the sale of broadcast rights.


More teams across Canada are expected to be part of the CanPL expansion in the nearest future.


The CanPL structure, proposed relegation and promotion


The CanPL is the country’s primary national soccer league contested by eight teams.


The league currently operates similar to the United States Major League Soccer franchise system where relegation and promotion are not supported.

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However, plans could see the introduction of lower-division that would lead to the system of promotion and relegation.


The Canadian Premier League expansion is expected to take effect from 2023.

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