Can Lewandowski overtake Haaland in the Golden Boot race?


The Golden Boot is awarded to the leading goalscorer in league matches from the top division of a European national league, with a weighing system employed so that it favours the highest ranked leagues.


For the past two seasons it has been won by Robert Lewandowski, but that was when the Polish striker was with Bayern Munich. Now that he has moved on to Barcelona, can he win it again, or is destined this time to go to Erling Haaland, who has made such a strong start to his Manchester City career?


In terms of raw numbers, the Norwegian is unsurpassed at the moment. He has already scored 17 goals in 11 Premier League games, including three hat-tricks, the fastest player in the history of the league to have reached such a milestone.


Lewandowski has played the same number of games for his new club but has managed 12 goals so far, still very good going by the standards of most players.


Trailing those two are Harry Kane of Tottenham and Kylian Mbappé of PSG, both of whom have found the net ten times for their clubs in league games this season.


Whether all can continue scoring at their present rate is down to a number of factors, not least the chances of a player staying fit.


And here Haaland has a big advantage over his rivals. Norway are not going to the World Cup, whereas Poland, England and France are, and, in the case of England and France, will be hoping to reach the later stages.

Erling Haaland


Tis means they will be playing in extra games and will have to cope with the travel and extra pressure that goes with it, whilst Haaland will be enjoying what amounts to a mid-season break, and given the chance to recharge his batteries.


When domestic seasons resume again, he is likely to be the freshest.

Lewandowski is capable of going on sustained scoring bursts and, in a normal season, he might be favourite to win this for a third successive year. But these are not normal circumstances.


The best that any Golden Boot winner has managed in recent years is the 50 goals that Lionel Messi managed in the 2011 – 2012 season whilst he was also with Barcelona.


At his current rate of scoring, Haaland looks like he is in course to smash that. Nobody, not even Lewandowski, can live with that.