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Bundesliga all time top scorers in history

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One of the most prominent football leagues in the world, the Bundesliga is the top professional league in Germany. 


Over the years, it has been a platform for many great players. The league has earned a reputation for being hard for strikers, but despite this, many great strikers have come out of the league.


Let’s have a look at the top 10 all time top scorers in the Bundesliga.


1. Gerd Muller (365 goals)

Gerd Muller is recognized as one of the all-time greats in football, and he has earned his legendary reputation in the Bundesliga.


One of the finest players in Bayern Munich’s history, Muller represented the club while playing for them.

He was renowned for his outstanding goal-scoring prowess, lightning quickness, and lethal finishing.


His goal-scoring record in the Bundesliga was Muller’s best accomplishment. He made 427 appearances and scored 365 goals, currently holding the Bundesliga record for most goals.


Muller had an unmatched knack for scoring goals and was a natural goal scorer. Because of how well he finished, he earned the nickname “Der Bomber” or “The Bomber” in German football.


2. Robert Lewandowski (312 goals)

Lewandowski 2014
Thomas Rodenbücher, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For some reason, Robert Lewandowski is recognized mainly as a Bundesliga legend.


Since he entered the Bundesliga in 2010, the Polish striker has dominated the competition, solidifying his legacy in the league with outstanding performances.


In recent years, Lewandowski’s reliability in front of goal has been unmatched.


His astounding 41 goals in the 2020–21 season broke Gerd Muller’s 49-year record for the most goals scored in a single season, and he has won the Bundesliga’s top scorer title six times.


Beyond his on-field accomplishments, Lewandowski has a significant influence on the game. He is well-known for his professionalism, work ethic, and humility and is regarded in the football community.


He is adored by fans and a hero to aspiring young players because of his dedication to the sport and his squad.


3. Klaus Fischer (268 Goals)


Fischer, one of the greatest German strikers of all time, scored 268 goals in 535 Bundesliga games between 1968 and 1988 for Schalke, 1860 Munich, and FC Cologne.


Throughout his career, he scored numerous spectacular goals and was renowned for his aerial prowess.


For his exceptional abilities and accomplishments as a professional football player in the German Bundesliga during the 1970s and 1980s, Klaus Fischer is revered as a Bundesliga legend.


He was the second-highest goal scorer in Bundesliga history at his retirement, with 268 goals in 535 games while playing for several illustrious Bundesliga clubs, including Schalke 04, 1. FC Köln, and VfL Bochum.


4. Jupp Heynckes (220 Goals)

Jupp Heynckes, who significantly impacted German football as a player and a coach, is widely considered a Bundesliga great.


While playing for Borussia Monchengladbach and Hannover 96, Heynckes had a fruitful career as a player in the Bundesliga.


In addition to the UEFA Cup, he won the DFB-Pokal twice and the Bundesliga four times. His successes as a coach, though, have truly cemented him as a Bundesliga great.


Heynckes, who has won the Bundesliga championship four times while coaching Bayern Munich, Borussia Monchengladbach, and FC Schalke 04, is one of the most successful coaches in league history.


5. Manfred Burgmuller (213 Goals)


In the 1970s and 1980s, German footballer Manfred Burgsmüller competed in the Bundesliga.


Due to his great goal-scoring accomplishments, his lengthy career, and his distinctive playing style, he is regarded as a Bundesliga icon.


Throughout his career, Burgsmüller played for several Bundesliga teams, including Rot-Weiss Essen, 1. FC Nürnberg, Borussia Dortmund, and Werder Bremen.


He was renowned for his outstanding goal-scoring prowess, tallying 213 goals in 447 Bundesliga contests, which ranks him among the top ten scorers in league history.


Burgsmüller’s adaptability on the pitch was what set him apart as a player.

He could play as a winger, attacking midfielder, or striker, and his versatility allowed him to play in various positions.


6. Claudio Pizzaro (197 Goals)

Because of his excellent accomplishments and lengthy career as a professional football player in the German Bundesliga, Claudio Pizarro is considered a Bundesliga icon.


Throughout his career, Pizarro played for several Bundesliga teams, including Werder Bremen, Bayern Munich, and FC Cologne.


He was one of the highest scorers in the history of the Bundesliga, with 197 goals in 490 games.

Pizarro stands out as a player because of his adaptability and skill on the field.


He was recognized for his great ball control, passing, and finishing skills. He could play in numerous positions, including striker, attacking midfielder, and winger.


7. Ulf Kirsten (182 Goals)


Due to his remarkable performances as a striker in the Bundesliga and his lengthy and fruitful career, Ulf Kirsten is regarded as a legend of the league.


Kirsten spent most of his career at Bayer Leverkusen, appearing in over 400 games and tallying 182 goals in the Bundesliga.


He was recognized as one of the best German attackers of his generation and was known for his superb technical ability, quickness, and finishing powers. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, when Leverkusen was at its peak, Kirsten was a vital team member.


She helped the team finish second in the Bundesliga three times and attend the UEFA Champions League final in 2002.


8. Stefan Kuntz (179 Goals)


Due to his accomplishments as a player, his services to the German national team, and his prosperous coaching career, Stefan Kuntz is regarded as a legend of German football.


Throughout his career, Kuntz was a striker for several teams, including Borussia Neunkirchen, Kaiserslautern, and Arminia Bielefeld.


He was well-known for his technical proficiency, athletic prowess, and ability to score goals reliably.

Kuntz was one of the most prolific German goal-scorers in Bundesliga history, with 179 goals in 449 games.


In 25 appearances for the German national team, Kuntz enjoyed a fruitful international career in which he netted six goals.


He participated in the 1996 German team that won the European Championship, scoring the game-winning goal in the championship match.


9. Dieter Muller (177 Goals)


Dieter Müller is revered as a legend in the Bundesliga for his exceptional goal-scoring prowess and his role in the rise of numerous clubs during his playing days.


Müller participated in 303 Bundesliga games for three teams: 1. FC Köln, VfB Stuttgart, and FC Schalke 04.


He scored 177 goals in all. He is best remembered for his exceptional 1976–1977 season with 1. FC Köln, during which he set a league record by scoring 34 goals in just 24 games, which remains the highest goal-scoring average in a single Bundesliga season.


Müller was renowned for his superb finishing, his capacity to score from a distance and up close, as well as his quickness and agility in front of goal. He was also a significant West Germany member.


10. Klaus Allofs (177 Goals)


Due to his remarkable playing career accomplishments and his successful career as a manager and executive in German football, Klaus Allofs is regarded as a Bundesliga legend.


In 424 Bundesliga games while playing for Fortuna Düsseldorf and 1. FC Köln, Allofs scored a total of 177 goals.


During his playing career, he was regarded as one of the league’s most dangerous forwards due to his superior finishing skills, pace, and technique.


Allofs won two DFB-Pokal championships with Düsseldorf in 1979 and 1980, in addition to the Bundesliga championship with Köln in 1978

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