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Best Brazilian players in the Premier League 2022



The 2021/2022 football season witnessed more influx of Brazilian players even though the English Premier League has long become a fortress for players from the excellent soccer nation. 


Brazil has some of the most talented players in world football. And with a record of five FIFA World Cups, one would always expect the best from the South American nation. The country is also known for its exciting player pool, from young players to well-established veterans.

In the Premier League, Brazilian players have significantly excelled from the days of Heurelho Gomes, Juninho, Gilberto Silva, and Lucas Leiva to a young generation of players like Oscar, Gabriel Jesus and Douglas Luiz.


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Brazilian players have dominated the English top-flight, unlike other South American countries like Argentina, which have had fewer contingents in the last couple of years.


The English football fan base would never forget the emergence of Gilberto Silva, who was a holding Midfielder, solid protector and part of Arsenal’s Invincible squad of 2003/04.


In contrast, the odds favour Brazilians who have had some of the most remarkable careers in the EPL. Top players like Willian, Philippe Coutinho, Fernandinho, Roberto Firmino, Allison, Ederson and the talented Oscar would never go off the minds of fans whenever Brazilian players in the EPL are mentioned.


So who are the best players Brazilian players to play in the Premier League this season?


Manchester City’s Ederson has been top-notch. The goalkeeper has pulled off a series of saves that have kept the club running for the title race—the same level for Gabriel Jesus and Fernandinho.


Elsewhere in Liverpool, Roberto Firmino is known for his attacking abilities and propelling Liverpool’s counter-attacking system even though his position has been up for competition lately. A resurgent Philippe Coutinho on loan from Barcelona has contributed to Aston Villa’s fine form this season, together with compatriot Douglas Luiz. The latter has also powered the Midfield of the Villans this season.


Note: Statistics from SofaScore and Transfermarkt


Best Brazilian players in the Premier league 2021/22


14. João Pedro – 6.86


João Pedro is one of the fast-rising Brazilian soccer players in the EPL. The 20-year forward has partnered with Emmanuel Dennis even as the club fights for survival in the EPL for next season.


Pedro had a successful career with Fluminense Youth Team and was successfully promoted to the first team. Scoring five league goals in twenty-nine appearances in 2019, Watford signed him as one of the top prospects in the Brazilian Série A.


Although goal scoring isn’t the thing for João Pedro, he has been directly involved in some of the most crucial goals for Watford FC. He can play as an attacking midfielder and forward.


João Pedro Statistics 2022 

Consistency has been the key to João Pedro’s success in the English top-flight from 2001 to 2022. PHe’dwon over 23 appearances in the EPL., playing just once in the Championship


Accurate per game 12.7 (71%)

Touches 33.4

Assists 1


13. Alex Telles – 6.93


Although Man United had struggled this season, Alex Telles has been brilliant in the first team. Fighting to make the first team under Ole Gunnar Solakjaer, Telles took his place when Ralf Rangnick assumed leadership of the team as interim manager.


Alex Telles Statistics 2021/2022

Accurate per game 34.6 (79%)

Accuracy own half 14.0 (83%)

Accuracy opposition half 22.1 (67%)

Assists 3

Touches 66.8


Alex Telles’s most significant performance for Manchester United was the 1-0 loss to Atlético Madrid in the Champions League, the 1-0 loss to Everton. He grabbed an assist as United defeated Norwich City 3-1 at Old Trafford. Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat trick


12. Douglas Luiz – 6.93

Manchester United v Aston Villa 25 September 2021 16

Ardfern, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Douglas Luiz Soares de Paulo, known as Douglas Luiz, has transformed himself into one of the pivots of Aston Villa as a central midfielder. He is one of the best Brazilian Midfielders in the Premier League.


Initially, a Premier League player at Manchester City without kicking a ball, Douglas Luiz was loaned to La Liga side Girona FC. He eventually signed for Aston Villa in 2019 and made his debut in a 1-2 Premier League loss to AFC Bournemouth, and scored the club’s solitary goal in August 2019.


In the 2021/2022 EPL season, Douglas Luiz is more like an unshakable central Midfielder who contributed to some of the most crucial goals for the club. Although he is heavily concentrated in the middle., he moves back and forth.


As per The Top Flight, Douglas Luiz is in high demand by some of the biggest European football clubs.


Douglas Luiz Statistics

Assists 3

Touches 56.3

Accurate per game 35.8 (86%)

Accuracy own half 18.3 (92%)

Accuracy opposition half 18.0 (75%)


11. Ederson – 6.94


Кирилл Венедиктов, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

Ederson Moraes is one of the best goalkeepers in the English top flight. The Brazilian has been top-notch in between the sticks for Man United throughout the season. This season, Ederson has been key to Pep Guardiola’s successful tactical approach to some of the most crucial games, most especially in the Premier League and Champions League campaigns.


Ederson Statistics

Total played 32

Started 32

Saves per game 1.7 (72%)

Successful. runs out per game 0.5 (100%)

Touches 34.7

Accurate per game 23.7 (88%)

Accuracy. own half 22.9 (97%)

Accuracy. opposition half 0.8 (24%)

Clean sheets 18

10. Richarlison – 6.97


Speed, consistency, and accuracy describe Richarlison as one of the best Brazilian forwards in the English Premier League. The 24-year surely knows how to find the back of the net when he gets the chance.


Richarlison has been one of the backbones for Everton since his move from the Brazil top flight to the English Premier League.


Richarlison Statistics

Richarlison has scored seven goals in the EPL, and despite missing out on the action in September and December last year, he’s been top-notch.

Touches 37.7

Accurate per game 11.2 (66%)

Accuracy own half 2.8 (76%)

Accuracy opposition half 8.5 (59%)




9. Raphinha – 6.98


Rccousins, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Raphinha Dias started on a bright note following his arrival from French club Rennes to Leeds United in 2020. He finished his debut season in a rather impressive fashion, scoring six Premier League goals that helped the team stay alive.


Raphinha has led Leeds United’s central midfield,  playing more of the attacking role. He is easily one of the most valuable players at Elland Road.


Raphinha’s superb form has attracted interest from top European clubs that look set to add him to their list and possibly hand over a commanding role to him. But which other Midfielder does this better than Raphinha? Sure the 25-year old is arguably Leeds United’s best player in the English league with impressive statistics. He’s scored ten goals so far.



Raphinha Statistics


Touches 56.0

Accurate per game 21.1 (69%)

Accurate own half 7.0 (82%)

Accuracy opposition half 15.1 (56%)

8. Lucas Moura – 7.02

1024px 2020 03 10 Fusball Manner UEFA Champions League Achtelfinale RB Leipzig Tottenham Hotspur 1DX 3703 by Stepro

Lucas Moura (Tottenham Hotspur, 27)
Steffen Prößdorf, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lucas Moura has been a long-standing Tottenham Hotspur player and has contributed a lot to the first team since 2018. The Brazilian winger has successfully cemented his position at the club with various managers from Mauricio Pochettino to José Mourinho and Antonio Conte.


Lucas Moura has been consistent this season even though some of the games have been from the bench. He’s played over 30 Premier League matches, scoring two and providing five assists.


Lucas has played a part in Tottenham Hotspur’s first team across all competitions, including the UEFA Conference League, where he scored five goals for the club. Spurs have relied heavily on his contributions, and the Brazilian have not failed to live up to expectations.


According to Statistics, Lucas Moura’s average match rating has been around 6.0, which has been helpful to Tottenham Hotspur’s top-four ambitions.


Lucas Moura Statistics

Total duels won 5.2 (55%)

Ground duels won 3.7 (52%)

Aerial duels won 1.5 (62%)

Accurate per game 16.7 (76%)

Accuracy own half 4.3 (76%)

Accuracy opposition half 12.5 (73%)


7. Gabriel Magalhães – 7.02


At the heart of Arsenal’s defence, Gabriel is among the Arsenal youngsters living the dream in the English Premier League. Led by Arteta, the brazil star has been an integral part of Arsenal’s first team as the most preferred centre back. He has featured in over 30 Premier League matches, covering Arsenal’s left flank of the defence.


Magalhães is known for his ability to intercept, block and redirect passes to the frontline, which has helped Arsenal throughout the season even though he is prone to errors.


Gabriel Magalhães Statistics

Team of the week 1

Touches 70.0

Accurate per game 53.0 (89%)

Accuracy own half 37.5 (94%)

Accuracy opposition half 15.5 (79%)

6. Gabriel Jesus – 7.02


Termed the best high pressing attacker in the world by Pep Guardiola, Gabriel Jesus is one of the best Brazilian footballers in the English Premier League right now. He is one of the most vital players in Guardiola’s first team.


Gabriel Jesus hasn’t had the most minutes in Pep Guardiola’s starting eleven because of his consistency in front of the goal. However, his threat to opposing teams has always stood in the way.


And after a long wait, Gabriel Jesus scored four goals in a 5–1 home win over Watford, sealing his first Premier League hat-trick on 23 April 2022 as Manchester City continued their quest for second consecutive league titles.


Gabriel has made over 17 starts this season in 24 appearances for Manchester City. His goal scoring abilities remain a problem, but Pep Guardiola knows his importance.


Gabriel Jesus Statistics

Team of the week 1

Assists 8

Touches 39.0

Accurate per game 22.4 (86%)

Accuracy own half 5.5 (89%)

Accuracy opposition half 17.0 (81%)

5. Fred – 7.03


Fred is one of the most consistent Manchester United players this season. The Brazilian in United midfielder has scored four and assisted four goals. Although Man United have struggled, Fred has always played to his full capacity amid poor results that have stalled the team’s chances of making it into the top four.


Fred had been sidelined on two occasions this season due to injuries. So far, his average rating is 7.0, operating more in the defensive and offensive midfield areas.


Fred Statistics

Team of the week 1

Touches 62.8

Accurate per game 41.1 (84%)

Accuracy own half 17.7 (86%)

Accuracy opposition half 23.4 (82%)

4. Alisson – 7.14

FWC 2018 Group E SRB v BRA Photo 034

Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thanks to Allison’s rock-solid performance, Liverpool FC have maintained the Premier League title chase on leaders Manchester City. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the EPL. The Brazilian have also kept more clean sheets and have made important saves in all competitions with Liverpool.


Allison Statistics

Team of the week 1

Saves per game 2.1 (76%)

Touches 43.6

Accurate per game 28.4 (85%)

Accuracy own half 26.3 (95%)

Accuracy opposition half 2.1 (37%)


3. Bruno Guimarães – 7.16


Bruno Guimarães is a surprise, yet one of the best newcomers with an immediate impact at Newcastle United in the Premier League. The Brazilian who transferred from Lyon to Magpies has been beneficial.


Newcastle United was on the brink of relegation before the handover to its new owners, which has brought significant changes from coaches to players, including Bruno Guimarães, that cost the club over £40m.


This season, Bruno Guimarães has consistently played as a defensive midfielder, leading Newcastle United from the bottom of the standings to mid-table. With an average rating of 7.1, he is one of the best defensive midfielders in the English Premier League in the 2021/2022 campaign.


Bruno Guimarães Statistics

Touches 42.1

Accurate per game 23.3 (86%)

Accuracy own half 11.2 (91%)

Accuracy opposition half 12.5 (80%)

Total duels won 5.7 (54%)

Ground duels won 5.5 (56%)

Aerial duels won 0.2 (33%)

2. Philippe Coutinho – 7.18


Following his failure to secure the top spot in Barcelona’s first team after his successful loan at FC Bayern Munich, Philippe Coutinho returned to the Premier League with Aston Villa.


The Brazilian made an immediate impact at Aston Villa, scoring over three goals and assisting in his first two matches for the club. Coutinho has remained at his optimum level since his loan move to the Premier League, recording an average rating of 6.7 across all competitions with the Villans. His focus had been the left flank of the attack, where he’s been successful.


Philippe Coutinho Statistics

Team of the week 1

Touches 47.7

Accurate per game 27.2 (82%)

Accuracy own half 7.2 (91%)

Accuracy opposition half 20.2 (77%)


1. Thiago Silva – 7.35

One of the most experienced defenders of our generation, Thiago Silva, has powdered Chelsea’s defence right from the day he made his competitive debut for the club.


The heart of the defence, Thiago Silva, has been Chelsea’s number one player this season. The Brazilian veteran surely knows how to get the job done, and coach Thomas Tuchel has heavily relied on his efforts along with Antonio Rüdiger.


This season, Thiago has been an integral part of Thomas Tuchel’s team and has played in every Chelsea’s campaign, scoring three times despite assuming his defensive duties. The Brazilian have over 98 percent of Chelsea’s defensive areas and have repelled numerous counter-attacks. Silva has managed 27 appearances in the English Premier League with three goals.


Thiago Silva Statistics

Team of the week 5


Touches 88.7

Accurate per game 72.9 (92%)

Accuracy own half 46.4 (95%)

Accuracy opposition half 26.5 (88%)

Total duels won 3.2 (66%)

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