Belgium Cup winners list, Champions Belgian Beker van België Croky Cup

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Belgium Cup winners, Champions Belgian Beker van België Corky Cup


The Belgium Cup or Belgian Beker van België is the national domestic knockout cup tournament in the whole of the belgium football league system.



The Belgian Football Association was established in 1911–12 and has produced several winners.


Club Brugge is the most successful team in the country with 11 Cup titles.


Belgium Cup winners list, Most successful teams in history


Club Brugge

When it comes to the Belgium Cup winners, Club Brugge is the most successful team in the country with 11 Belgian Cup titles.


Club Brugge is the most decorated team in the Belgium league with 17 league titles, 11 Belgian Cup and 15 Belgium Super Cup titles domestically.


The club became Champions of the Competition in 1967–68 which was the first time in history.


This triumph was followed by another success two years later in 1970.


The club continued with this success winning more titles in the process.


The only thing Club Brugge could not achieve was lifting the Cup title consecutively unlike in the Belgium First Division A.


Since the start of the 2000s, Club Brugge have won a total of four Cup titles with the last triumph in 2014–15 defeating RSC Anderlecht in the final.


RSC Anderlecht

In the Belgium Cup history, RSC Anderlecht is the second most successful team in the country with 9 titles which is two wins behind record winners Club Brugge.

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Anderlecht entered the scene in 1965, claiming its first-ever Cup title.


In the Beker van België history, RSC Anderlecht became the third team to defend the title it won after Standard Liège became the first team.


The club is also the only club in Belgium to win the Cup title and defend it on three different occasions.


Since the start of the modern era in Belgian football, Anderlecht has won the Cup title just once during 2007–08, beating Genk in the final.


2008 was the last time the club emerged Champions of the company.


Standard Liège

Standard Liège is the third most successful Beker van België winners with 8 Cup titles.


Although Liège holds the record as the team with the most losses in the Competition on about nine occasions.


The first time Standard Liège won the title was in 1954.


Standard Liège was the second team in the Belgian Cup history to defend the title in won, achieving this status between 1965–66 and Standard Liège.


It took the club more than fifteen years to add another title.


The last time Standard Liège won the Cup was during the 2017–18 season, beating Genk in the final.



KRC Genk

Genk is the fourth most successful team in the Belgium Cup history with five titles.

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The club’s first triumph was in 1998 and this after a brutal 4-0 win over record winners Club Brugge in the final.


Genk continued with this success by adding another title two years later in 2000.


Since the start of the modern era, Genk has won five Cup titles including conservative wins between 2009 and 2010.


The last time Genk lifted the Cup title was during 2021 final, beating Standard Liège by 2-1 scoreline in a final which was played at the King Baudouin Stadium.



KAA Gent

Gent is the fifth team on the Belgium Cup all-time Standing with three titles.


Genk’s first title was in 1964 and the last title was achieved in 2010.




Antwerp is the sixth side with more Beker van België titles. The club boost three titles.


The first success was in 1955. Against all odds in 2020, Antwerp has crowned Champions of Belgium after nil wins over Club Brugge in the final match.



Cercle Brugge 2

VK Mechelen 2

Beveren 2

Beerschot AC 2

Zulte Waregem 2

Lokeren 2

Lierse 2

Waterschei 2

Beerschot 2

Union SG 2

Westerlo 1

RFC Liège 1

Waregem 1

Daring Bruxelles 1

La Louvière 1

Tournai 1

Racing Bruxelles 1


Belgium Cup winners list in full


2020–21 Genk

2019–20 Antwerp

2018–19 KV Mechelen

2017–18 Standard Liège

2016–17 Zulte Waregem

2015–16 Standard Liège

2014–15 Club Brugge

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2013–14 Lokeren

2012–13 Genk

2011–12 Lokeren

2010–11 Standard Liège

2009–10 Gent

2008–09 Genk

2007–08 RSC Anderlecht

2006–07 Club Brugge

2005–06 Zulte Waregem

2004–05 Beerschot A.C

2003–04 Club Brugge

2002–03 La Louvière

2001–02 Club Brugge

2000–01 Westerlo

1999–2000 Genk

1998–99 Lierse

1997–98 Genk

1996–97 Beerschot AC

1995–96 Club Brugge

1994–95 Club Brugge

1993–94 RSC Anderlecht

1992–93 Standard Liège

1991–92 Antwerp

1990–91 Club Brugge

1989–90 RFC Liège

1988–89 RSC Anderlecht

1987–88 RSC Anderlecht

1986–87 KV Mechelen

1985–86 Club Brugge

1984–85 Cercle Brugge

1983–84 KAA Gent

1982–83 Waasland Beveren

1981–82 Waterschei

1980–81 Standard Liège

1979–80 Waterschei

1978–79 Beerschot AC

1977–78 Waasland Beveren

1976–77 Club Brugge

1975–76 RSC Anderlecht

1974–75 RSC Anderlecht

1973–74 Zulte Waregem

1972–73 RSC Anderlecht

1971–72 RSC Anderlecht

1970–71 Beerschot AC

1969–70 Club Brugge

1968–69 Lierse

1967–68 Club Brugge

1966–67 Standard Liège

1965–66 Standard Liège

1964–65 RSC Anderlecht

1963–64 KAA Gent

1955–56 Tournai

1954–55 Antwerp

1953–54 Standard Liège

1934–35 Daring Bruxelles

1926–27 CS CS Brugeois

1913–14 Union Saint-Gilloise

1912–13 Union Saint-Gilloise

1911–12 RC Bruxelles




The Belgium Cup is the second most popular football competition in the country behind the First Division A.



It is the second most competitive Competition in the morning behind the First Division A.



This article highlights the Belgium Cup winners list, Champions of the Belgian Beker van België in history.

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