Australia A-League winners, list of Champions in history

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Australia A-League winners, list of Champions in history


What is the Australian soccer league called? The Australian Soccer League is known as A-League for men’s league and W-League for women’s league.


Who is the most successful team in Australia? Sydney FC is the most successful team in the history of Australian football.


The Australian A-League is a men’s professional football league in Australia and has produced notable winners in the past and present.


The league is contested by teams from Australia and New Zealand.


Unlike European football leagues Format, the A-League operates in a different way which can be compared with the Major League Soccer and the Méxican Liga MX.


In the A-League, there are two Championships. The eventual winners of the country’s top tier league are the winners of the round of the postseason playoffs with the final known as the Grand Final.


The team that finishes with the most points at the end of the regular season is awarded the Premiers or Supporters Shield just like how it is awarded in the MLS.


Today, there are several Champions in the country with the Grand Final winners known as league winners or Champions of the league for that season.

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The league is contested by 12 teams with Australia having the majority (11) while New Zealand has (1) team in the division.


The season in the Southern Asian country runs from August to May just as top European leagues operate.


The inaugural league season in Australia has held in 1977 won by Eastern Suburbs.


Australia A-League winners, List of Champions, most successful in history


Sydney FC

Titles 5

When it comes to the Australian A-League, Sydney FC is the most successful team in the country with five titles.


The majority of Sydney FC’s triumph is in the 21st century.


The club won its first trophy in 2006, waiting for another four years to add its second title in 2010.


Sydney however waited for another seven years to lift the trophy in 2017 and the fourth two years later in 2019.


Following up with this success, Sydney FC made it back to back wins for the first time in the history of the club in 2020.


This success is a national record for Sydney FC in the A-League.


A-League Titles (Championship

2006, 2010, 2017, 2019, 2020.


The club also boasts another Premiership (formerly Supporters Shield) which also a record number of titles.

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2009–10, 2016–17, 2017–18, 2019–20.


At the international scene, Sydney FC also won the OFC Championship League before Australia moving to AFC 2005.


Today, the club is regarded as one of Australia’s most successful team.


Melbourne Victory

Titles 4

Melbourne Victory is a professional football club based in the city of Melbourne. The club is also one of the top performers in the top flight of Australian Soccer with four A-League titles won in 2007, 2009, 2015 and 2018.


Melbourne Victory also boosts of three Premiership won between 2006–07, 2008–09 and 2014–15.


In 2015, Melbourne Victory made his by winning a Treble in 2009 which includes the A-League, A-League Grand Final and A-League Preseason Cup


Sydney City

Titles 4


Sydney City is a semi-professional football league club. The club is one of the early winners of the Competition with four titles.


South Melbourne

Titles 4

South Melbourne is a semi-professional football club. The club also dominated the Soccer scene in the country in the early years, winning four titles in the process.


Brisbane Roar

Titles 3

Brisbane Roar is a professional soccer club in Australia based in Brisbane and competes in the A-League.


Brisbane has won up to three titles with the club’s first during 2010–11. Roar won it the following year making it back to back wins in the 2011–12 season.

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Adelaide City – 3 Titles


Australia A-League Champions, full list of winners


2019–20 Sydney FC

2018–19 Sydney FC

2017–18 Melbourne Victory

2016–17 Sydney FC

2015–16 Adelaide United

2014–15 Melbourne Victory

2013–14 Brisbane Roar

2012–13 Central Coast Mariners

2011–12 Brisbane Roar

2010–11 Brisbane Roar

2009–10 Sydney FC

2008–09 Melbourne Victory

2007–08 Newcastle Jets

2006–07 Melbourne Victory

2005–06 Sydney FC


A-League Era


2003–04 Perth Glory

2002–03 Perth Glory

2001–02 Sydney Olympic

2000–01 Wollongong Wolves

1999–00 Wollongong Wolves

1998–99 South Melbourne

1997–98 South Melbourne

1996–97 Brisbane Strikers

1995–96 Melbourne Knights

1994–95 Melbourne Knights

1993–94 Adelaide City

1992–93 Marconi Fairfield

1991–92 Adelaide City

1990–91 South Melbourne

1989–90 Sydney Olympic

1989 Marconi Fairfield

1988 Marconi Fairfield

1987 APIA Leichhardt

1986 Adelaide City

1985 Brunswick Juventus

1984 South Melbourne


1983 St. George-Budapest

1982 Sydney City

1981 Sydney City

1980 Sydney City

1979 Marconi Fairfield

1978 West Adelaide

1977 Eastern Suburbs



This article highlights the Australian A-League Champions, the all-time winners list in history.

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