Argentina league winners list, Champions of Primera Division: Copa La Liga professional in history

Argentina league winners list, Champions of Primera Division Argentine in history.


The winners of the Copa de La Liga professional in Argentina.


Cool facts

What are the two most popular teams in Argentina? Boca Juniors and River Plate are the two biggest teams in Argentina with the most trophies.


Who has won the most league titles in Argentina? Atlético River Plate has won the most league titles in Argentina with over 36 titles.



Who is the biggest club in Argentina? Boca Juniors (16,5 million supporters), and the highest number of trophies.



What is the biggest soccer rivalry in Argentina? Called the “Superderdy” Boca Juniors vs River Plate is the biggest soccer derby in Argentina.



How good is the Argentine league? The league is ranked among the top 15 in the world and the top five in the Americas.



The Argentine league was also known as the Argentine Primera Division or formerly the Argentine Superliga is the country’s top tier football competition and has produced notable winners in the past and present



The Argentine Primera Division is a professional football league played by teams across Argentina.



Since its inception, the league has undergone several rebranding including the shift from Argentine Primera Division to the Superliga, which is now the Copa Liga professional or simply the Argentine Primera Division as the newly adopted style.



Two different winners ( St. Andrew’s and Old Caledonians) emerged as the Champions of the inaugural Argentine league season in 1891.



The league in Argentina is considered as one of the oldest national football league in the world after, After England, Scott and Ireland had already established a national football league in 1880.



A total of 28 different teams across Argentina have won the league since its inception in 1891.


In the history of the competition Argentina Primera Division, Atlético River Plate are the most successful team in the country with 36 titles followed by Boca Juniors with 34 titles, Racing Club with 18, Independiente with 16, and San Lorenzo with 15.


The league is currently organic by the Argentine Football Association.


Argentine league winners, most successful teams in history


River Plate

River Plate is an Argentine professional football club based in Buenos Aires.


When it comes to the Argentine Primera Division, River Plate is the most successful team in the country.


The club’s first-ever league win was in 1920.


The club’s success started in the early years of the formation of the Argentine league.


Although the initial years of the league were in the Amateur division, until the breakaway.


River Plate continued with its dominance even in the professional era until today and have won more titles than any other side except for Boca Juniors who is the next team on the winner’s list.

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The club is also one of the most successful in the country in terms of the number of domestic titles won.


The last time River Plate won the Argentine league was during the 2014 Final.


Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors is an Argentine professional football club based in Buenos Aires.


Boca Juniors is the second most successful team in the country with 34 titles.


The club won the league back to back in 1990 and 1920.


Since the club’s promotion into the professional league, it has remained in the top flight, becoming one of the most successful Argentine teams both domestically and internationally.


In the Copa de Liga professional, the club is the second most successful behind Atlético River Plate with 34 titles.


The last time the club won the domestic league was in the 2020–21 season.


Racing Club de Avellaneda is an Argentine professional football club based in Avellaneda, a city of Buenos Aires.


The club is the third most successful team in the history of the Argentine league with 18 titles.


Historically, Racing Club is considered the big five of Argentine football.


Founded in 1903, Racing has won 18 titles which also includes a winning streak of about seven consecutive wins between 1913 and 1919.


The club’s achievement includes domestic and international trophies including the Copa Libertadores.



Independiente is the fourth most successful team in the country with 16 titles.


The first time it won the national league was in 1922, followed by another win in 1926.


The last time Independiente won the league was in 2002 Apertura.


San Lorenzo de Almagro

San Lorenzo de Almagro is a professional football club in the Boedo district of Buenos Aires.


San Lorenzo has won 15 league titles and is considered as one of the Big Five in the country.


Vélez Sarsfield

Vélez Sarsfield is an Argentine professional football club based in Liniers, Buenos Aires.


Sarsfield has won 10 league titles in history and the last title was in the 2012–13 Superfinal.



Alumni Athletic Club was one of the early Argentine Champions.


During these times, Alumni won over 10 national titles although most of them were in the amateur era.


Other notable winners of the league


Estudiantes (LP) – 6

Newell’s Old Boys – 6

Huracán – 5

Lomas Athletic – 5

Rosario Central – 4

Belgrano Athletic – 3

Argentinos Juniors – 3

Lanús – 2

Ferro Carril Oeste – 2

Porteño – 2

Quilmes – 2

Estudiantil Porteño – 2

Gimnasia y Esgrima (LP) – 1

Banfield – 1

Lomas Academy – 1

Arsenal Sarandí – 1

Chacarita Juniors – 1

Dock Sud – 1

Old Caledonians – 1

Sportivo Barracas – 1

St. Andrew’s – 1



Argentine league winners list in full


2019–20 Boca Juniors

2018–19 Racing Club

2017–18 Boca Juniors

2016–17 Boca Juniors

2016 Lanús

2015 Boca Juniors

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2014 Transición – Racing Club

2014 Final – River Plate

2013 Inicial San Lorenzo

2012–13 Vélez Sarsfield

2013 Final – Newell’s Old Boys

2012 Inicial Vélez Sarsfield

2012 Clausura – Arsenal de Sarandí

2011 Apertura – Boca Juniors

2011 Clausura- Vélez Sarsfield

2010 Apertura – Estudiantes

2010 Clausura – Argentinos Juniors

2009 Apertura – Banfield

2009 Clausura – Vélez Sarsfield

2008 Apertura – Boca Juniors

2008 Clausura – River Plate

2007 Apertura – Lanús

2007 Clausura – San Lorenzo

2006 Apertura Estudiantes

2006 Clausura – Boca Juniors

2005 Apertura – Boca Juniors

2005 Clausura – Vélez Sarsfield

2004 Apertura – Newell’s Old Boys

2004 Clausura – River Plate

2003 Apertura – Boca Juniors

2003 Clausura – River Plate

2002 Apertura – Independiente

2002 Clausura – River Plate

2001 Apertura – Racing Club

2001 Clausura – San Lorenzo

2000 Apertura – Boca Juniors

2000 Clausura – River Plate

1999 Apertura – River Plate

1999 Clausura – Boca Juniors

1998 Apertura – Boca Juniors

1998 Clausura – Vélez Sarsfield

1997 Apertura – River Plate

1997 Clausura River Plate

1996 Apertura – River Plate

1996 Clausura – Vélez Sarsfield

1995 Apertura – Vélez Sarsfield

1995 Clausura – San Lorenzo

1994 Apertura – River Plate

1994 Clausura – Independiente

1993 Apertura – River Plate

1993 Clausura – Vélez Sarsfield

1992 Apertura – Boca Juniors

1992 Clausura – Newell’s Old Boys

1991 Apertura – River Plate

1990–91 – Newell’s Old Boys

1989–90 – River Plate

1988–89 Independiente

1987–88 Newell’s Old Boys

1986–87 Rosario Central

1985–86 River Plate

1985 Nacional – Argentinos Juniors

1984 Nacional – Ferro Carril Oeste

1984 Metropolitano – Argentinos Juniors

1983 Nacional – Estudiantes

1983 Metropolitano – Independiente

1982 Nacional – Ferro Carril Oeste

1982 Metropolitano – Estudiantes

1981 Nacional – River Plate

1981 Metropolitano – Boca Juniors

1980 Nacional – Rosario Central

1980 Metropolitano – River Plate

1979 Nacional – River Plate

1979 Metropolitano – River Plate

1978 Nacional – Independiente

1978 Metropolitano – Quilmes

1977 Nacional – Independiente

1977 Metropolitano – River Plate

1976 Nacional – Boca Juniors

1976 Metropolitano – Boca Juniors

1975 Nacional – River Plate

1975 Metropolitano – River Plate

1974 Nacional – San Lorenzo

1974 Nacional – Newell’s Old Boys

1973 Nacional – Rosario Central

1973 Metropolitano – Huracán

1972 Nacional – San Lorenzo

1972 Metropolitano – San Lorenzo

1971 Nacional – Rosario Central

1971 Metropolitano – Independiente

1970 Nacional – Boca Juniors

1970 Metropolitano – Independiente

1969 Nacional – Boca Juniors

1969 Metropolitano – Chacarita Juniors

1968 Nacional – Vélez Sarsfield

1968 Metropolitano – San Lorenzo

1967 Nacional – Independiente

1967 Metropolitano – Estudiantes

1966 Racing Club

1965 Boca Juniors

1964 Boca Juniors

1963 Independiente

1962 Boca Juniors

1961 Racing Club

1960 Independiente

1959 San Lorenzo

1958 Racing Club

1957 River Plate

1956 River Plate

1955 River Plate

1954 Boca Juniors

1953 River Plate

1952 River Plate

1951 Racing Club

1950 Racing Club

1949 Racing Club

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1948 Independiente

1947 River Plate

1946 San Lorenzo

1945 River Plate

1944 Boca Juniors

1943 Boca Juniors

1942 River Plate

1941 River Plate

1940 Boca Juniors

1939 Independiente

1938 Independiente

1937 River Plate

1936 (O) River Plate

1936 (C) River Plate

1936 (H) San Lorenzo

1935 Boca Juniors

1934 LAF Boca Juniors

1934 Estudiantil Porteño

1933 LAF – San Lorenzo

1933 Dock Sud

1932 LAF – River Plate

1932 Sportivo Barracas

1931 LAF – Boca Juniors

1931 Estudiantil Porteño

1930 Boca Juniors

1929 Gimnasia y Esgrima (LP)

1928 Huracán

1927 San Lorenzo

1926 AAmF – Independiente

1926 Boca Juniors

1925 AAmF – Racing Club

1925 Huracán

1924 AAmF – San Lorenzo

1924 Boca Juniors

1923 AAmF – San Lorenzo

1923 Boca Juniors

1922 AAmF – Independiente

1922 Huracán

1921 AAmF – Racing Club

1921 Huracán

1920 AAmF – River Plate

1920 Boca Juniors

1919 AAmF – Racing Club

1919 Boca Juniors

1918 Racing Club

1917 Racing Club

1916 Racing Club

1915 Racing Club

1914 FAF – Porteño

1914 Racing Club

1913 FAF – Estudiantes

1913 Racing Club

1912 FAF – Porteño

1912 Quilmes

1911 Alumni

1910 Alumni

1909 Alumni

1908 Belgrano AC

1907 Alumni

1906 Alumni

1905 Alumni

1904 Belgrano AC

1903 Alumni

1902 Alumni

1901 Alumni

1900 Alumni

1899 Belgrano AC

1898 Lomas Athletic Club

1897 Lomas Athletic Club

1896 Lomas Academy

1895 Lomas Athletic Club

1894 Lomas Athletic Club

1893 Lomas Athletic Club

1892 Not held

1891 – Old Caledonians

– St. Andrew’s.




The Argentine Primera Division or the Argentine League simply the Copa de Liga professional is one of the oldest leagues in the world.


The league is more popular in the South American continent alongside the Brazilian Série A and the Uruguayan Primera Division.


It is the most popular football competition in the country followed by Copa Argentina.


The league is one of the biggest and also the most successful in the South American continent in the all-time success recorded.


Two teams Boca Juniors and River Plate have singlehandedly won more laurels domestically and have represented the country at the continental and international level.


Other top sides including Independiente, Huracán, San Lorenzo, Estudiantes, and Racing Club.



The Argentine Primera Division is a tough league having top sides including Atlético River Plate, Boca Juniors, Independiente, Defensa y Justicia, etc.



The Argentine League is the top-flight professional football Competition in the country which has produced several notable winners in history.


The league is the first domestic football league established in South America after England, Ireland had already established a working national football league.


This article highlights the Argentine league winners list, Champions of the Argentine Primera Division or the Copa de La Liga professional in history.


The Argentine league was officially renamed the Copa de La Liga professional.


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