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The Interesting Football Story

Interesting Football was founded in 2018 as Sitevanguard. Tech news and opinion website delivery tech stories daily. Along the line, a transition was initiated, with steps taking towards delivering worthy information in a humanizing form, which gave birth to Interesting Football. Interesting Football came into existence in March 2019.


Football is a sport with a huge fan base. Interesting Football was created to make it more interesting to follow, analyze and read by creating content from a user perspective as well following the guidelines of quality journalism and original reporting.



About Interesting Football

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Interesting Football is football news and information website, publishing football news, football articles, reviews and previews about football clubs, players and managers.


Interesting Football is an independent football publisher, informing football followers on the latest news from their teams daily.


Interesting Football is your home for football news, match previews, match reviews, opinions, views, suggestions on top football topics daily.


Our Mission

To inform you about the latest news, transfers from your favourite football clubs by humanizing football and filtering out the noise.


We want to create a platform where football fans and followers can follow the latest updates from their favourite teams, leagues.


We cover football the way you would love. Not just like that, but the happiness, pleasure it gives to you.


We filtering the noise, turning them into a pleasant piece. In an entertaining world of football, you don’t have time to be in a speculative environment. Here, we’ll help you feel cool.


Our Core Values

  • Authentic
  • Trustworthy
  • Approachable
  • Passionate


Our Priority is all about original reporting. We strive hard to create content from our own perspective which includes news, views, opinions, and suggestions.

Who we are

We are a team of football lovers, delivering fresh and interesting football content to our readers daily.

The Interesting Football Team


Ibiye Ambille


About Us 1

Founder / Editor-in-chief

Ibiye Ambille is a Sports content writer. He has some years of experience in Sports Writing with a core focus on football. He is also a practicing Electrical Power engineering student. Ibiye@interestingfootball.com

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Abraham Romeo Williams


Abraham Romeo

Staff Writer

Abraham is a Writer at Interesting Football. A football fan, follower and a core Manchester United fan. Abraham@interestingfootball.com

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Ibisaki David

About Us 2


Staff Writer

Ibisaki is a Writer at Interesting Football. A football fan, follower and a core Arsenal fan. Ibisaki@interestingfootball.com

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New site Abalama Town, off Buguma-Degema Road, Rivers State Nigeria.

Working Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Managing Director: Ibiye Ambille

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