Interesting Football is a football analysis,  news, and information website, publishing football match previews, match reviews of football clubs, players. The site offers news, analysis, features, top list, and other information on top football leagues, Cup Competition, and other football tournaments.


Interesting Football is an Independent football publisher, informing football followers on the latest from their favourite teams daily. We strive hard to produce the best unique articles without compromising original reporting and journalism best practices which includes referring to original and credible sources.

We cover football the way you would love, not just like that, but the happiness, the pleasure it gives to you. We filter the noise, turning it into a pleasant, readable content.


Our authors provide in-depth content – comments, analysis, statistical and other information. Our coverage as follows:


Football News – We monitor, analyze, and report on football information and news, as well as, provide insights into trending stories. Our team of analysts dissect the news and provide our readers with in-depth analytics of football stories with added suggestions and views on how it affects the teams.

Match Previews & Reviews – Our team provides football match reviews, previews, player injury updates, and team news as it affects the teams.

Football Features and Top List – We monitor and provide factual, detailed compilations of players, clubs as well as managers


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To inform football followers and fans on the latest news transfers from their favourite football clubs and teams by humanizing and filtering out the noise.


Create a platform where football fans and followers can easily follow the latest updates, insight, and views on their favourite teams, leagues, etc


Interestingfootball.com is owned by Interesting Football and is based in Rivers State Nigeria.

Interesting Football was founded in 2019 by Ibiye Obey Ambille.


For all inquires send an email to admin@interestingfootball.com, ibiye@interestingfootball.com


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