9 reasons footballers should start their career in the Bundesliga 1
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9 reasons footballers should start their career in the Bundesliga

As an upcoming footballer, you should consider starting off in places where you will have the opportunity to showcase your talent, ability, and skills.


Starting your football career in a much more difficult or a competitive environment could end up putting your dream to on the line and possibly put your career in a quick decline.


You may either play for the first team as a reserved bench warmer, relegated to the second or reserve team or even loaned out to an obscure environment which could be seen as a place that would give you confidence.


In this article, we have outlined for you, over seven reasons why you should consider starting off your football career an upcoming young player in the Bundesliga.



This was as a result of a thorough research career out on almost all the top five leagues in Europe.


The data we got, made us draw the conclusion that the German Bundesliga is the best place to start your football career as an upcoming footballer or a youth player.


Here are the 9 reasons why you should do so.


1. The Breeding ground for young players.

9 reasons footballers should start their career in the Bundesliga 2
Borussia Monchengladbach U23 – Borussia.de


The Bundesliga has proven to be one of the best, if not really the best ground for youth players to thrive.


The DFL provided the avenue for upcoming footballers to compete alongside the big boys without waiting out for years.


Again, the financial power of FC Bayern Munich in the past overshadowed the league.

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Bundesliga as a traditional league believes in what homegrown talents could do. They believe that players should start from scratch before becoming superstars.


This and others were behind the league backing young players.


Despite Bayern Munich’s impressive financial show-up, the rest of the teams in the still believed in what their youth system is capable of doing.


These clubs laid more emphasis on their youth system, thereby investing heavily in it.


The teams in the elite division send a scout to search for players in the lower divisions.



If you play in the Bundesliga, you’ll have more time to start games, provided you’ve shown that you are capable of doing so.



Borussia Monchengladbach, Borussia Dortmund, and Hamburger SV are perfect examples.


2. Ample opportunity feature week in week out

9 reasons footballers should start their career in the Bundesliga 3
Bundesliga players – Bundesliga Official Website


Playing week in week out is also meant for the big boys, but in the Bundesliga, the reverse is the case.


You are given a free role to play your own football.  This can be seen at clubs like Hoffenheim, Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Monchengladbach, etc.


In the league, clubs give more leverage to youth players.


Jadon Sancho

Jadon Sancho moved from Manchester City in the Premier League to Borussia Dortmund.


Under one season, Sancho became a proper first-team player at Dortmund while at 17.


Now he is a world star, sort by many football clubs in the world like Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich at some point and Barcelona.


Erling Braut Haaland

Just 19-yeara old, and after a near-miss transfer by Manchester United, the young Norwegian landed in Dortmund after it was considered the safest place for him at the moment.


Now, he is a great Yellow Wall (Dortmund’s alias), sort by Real Madrid and other top clubs.


3. Competition for you

Starting off in the Premier League, you’ll have to compete for starting berths with already established players.

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But how do you think, you’ll be able to easily breakthrough a team full of stars, who made big-money moves to the?


If you look at Joshua Zirkzee at Bayern Munich, he is already looking like a competition for Lewandowski, which with consistency could happen anytime soon as the Polish International already in his thirties.



Zirkzee still has a lot of things to learn. Haaland who moved from Red Bull Salzburg is already a proper first-team player, playing alongside Marco Reus and Mario Gotze.


4. Quick exposure


The league in Germany is the most-watched football league in Europe behind followed by the EPL according to Bleacher Report.


Playing in front of 41,904 fans average in every matchday, you’ll easily get noticed.


These and more are to reasons why it considered one of the most friendly leagues on the continent.


And as you rise up to the occasion during matchdays in front of thousands of fans, your chances of getting noticed by the big clubs become clearer.


For example, a player at Union Berlin playing against Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena has a chance to cause a stir with his performance.


5.Quick or Rapid followership


The league is very hospitable, you’ll get quick followership from teeming fans who want to know more about you.


This will be as a result of the impression you created during your team’s matchday action.


6. Long term followership


Big clubs follow the Bundesliga in search of good players since the league has been known for its ability to produce top-notch players.


These big teams will always keep an eye on you to monitor your development at your club.


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You’ll also gain followership from fans who suddenly gained interest in you.


7. Whole world watching you.


The league is televised not just in Germany alone, but it receives a lot of viewership across Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia.


Fans from England also travel to Germany to watch their favourite teams play during matchday.


Clubs like Borussia Monchengladbach, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04 and Bayern Munich receive fans from several destinations outside Germany, visiting their stadiums.


8. Chance to play even when you’re are performing below standard


Football as it’s meant to be, the tag name of the German Bundesliga.


Players often get the chance to prove themselves as most coaches in the league, tend to follow up with their players.


But the reverse cas happens leagues were the competition alone would never pave way for such patience.


9. Less Pressure from fans but increased motivation

One thing that could easily discourage a player from picking up the pieces is the high rate of criticism.

The more you are criticized, the worse it becomes.


And as an upcoming footballer, you need no criticism, rather you need to be motivated.


Fans cheer teams to victory and you could gain your momentum from there.


The fans believe in what you can offer on the field of play.


It is a traditional league, keeping its status of traditional football for a very long time despite the ongoing crazy money being spent across the remaining top five leagues in the continental.


How you can start your career? Now it is no big deal as the Bundesliga remains the best place to start off with your football career.


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