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Spent money and nothing to show: Solskjaer here to save for United

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It’s seems Manchester United owners are looking to avoid another waste of money according to the way they see it, the way things stand right now.

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Erling Haaland, after being heavily linked with a move to United finally made the switch to Borussia Dortmund instead. This could be as a result of United owners unwilling to spend huge amount of money in the market after previous buys in recent times failed to yield much for the club.

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United currently sit out if the Champions League spot and if the league ends today, the red devils will find their way once again in the UEFA Europa League for next season. However, this can be averted if the club can sign one or two players as re-enforcement either in the midfield or in the defense.


But a possible market swoop looks like it’s not forth coming. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seems to be saving money for the club as he is yet to make a major but in the market, and if Manchester United need a Champions League spot, re-enforcement is the only option looking at the current injuries rocking the club.


The United owners looked like they want ti save money rather than going into market to sign a player. Ole has been able to manage the players he has although things looks a little bit shaky.

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If Man United owners are looking forward to save money, they may loose out on so much money at the end. If they are hoping to get to the Champions League through the Europa League, that is another task ahead.


Saving for the club shouldn’t be a priority as there are lots of areas which need to fixed.



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