Niko Kovac’s phrase almost caused division at Bayern Munich

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By Ibiye Ambille

Comments from Managers, players or club board of directors are always treated special. Especially when it concerns the club in general.


Recently, Niko Kovac made a press release about Thomas Muller’s situation at the club, after the ever-loyal German had to sit on the bench for over four consecutive matches as the coach preferred to start Lucas Hernandez instead.


Thomas Muller should have started the game against Hoffenheim after Lucas Hernandez had played against Tottenham during midweek.

Bayern Munich eventually lost the game.


The two sides of the coin

Thomas Muller was finding it hard to start games this season under Niko Kovac, and that alone might have developed some tensions around the player.


That also led to him speaking to the press about his future at Bayern Munich.


Niko Kovac,  on the other hand, the manager made a strong statement that took everyone by surprise concerning Muller’s stay at Bayern Munich.


According to the words of the manager during a press conference, he said: “Thomas Muller is a good player, but we have other players too”.

Indeed a strong statement from the coach.


But looking at the situation, it wasn’t really necessary for the coach to speak to the press about Muller. Although he came back to apologize for his comments.


The comments from Kovac was so strong to the extent, it could have created division between himself and Thomas Muller at the club.


Niko Kovac however said, he has no problem with Thomas Muller.

Interesting Football Media Works Verdict


Starting a player is the choice of the manager to do so. If the manager is not into your style of play, then you’ve got to develop on yourself.


Muller is a great player that has served Bayern well, but maybe there’s something Kovac is looking for he couldn’t find in Muller.


Maybe Muller should improve on himself to attract the manager’s attention.


Bayern Munich need to work as a team, and that includes the manager Niko Kovac, Thomas Muller and the rest of the players in the club’s first team.


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