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The Prague disaster: Poor Three Lions Succumb to Czech

The Prague disaster: Poor Three Lions Succumb to Czech 1
England in action against Czech Republic in Praha -

This is just on of the nights that the english national football team,

It was battle to finish at the Sinobo Stadium in Praha Czech Republic as the Czech also showed off the suffs they are made up off in the clash.

The overall performance can be graded as average but still calls for concern that Southgate still has some work to do with the english national team.

It was a dissapointing performance from Danny Rose, Kevin Trippier, Keane and maybe Pickford in the mix too.

Prior to the game, England Manager Gareth Southgate told the English media that he selects his players based on current club form.

But judging from his statement, the coach didn’t select some of the players in the matchday squad to face Czech Republic in Praha based on that.

Why do we say this, Tammy Abraham, Chelsea FC’s top striker is the highest English goal scorer in the Premier League this season, but he gets to sit on the bench for Marcus Rashford who is currently finding it hard to score goals at Manchester United.

Tammy Abaraham however was given the greenlight as he came on for Jadon Sancho which he utilized properly by producing an energetic performance.

The thing is, England have got an abundance of players all around their 19-26, but they haven’t found the right rythm to strike.

It was an average showing for the Three Lions at the same time creating a record which is, England getting their first defeat in 10 years in a qualifier game.

It was an incredible performance. They’ve lost and so be it. They need to move on and prepare for the next game against Bulgaria on Monday night.

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