Premier League

Exceptional performance as Norwich City beat Manchester City

dissapointing show as Manchester city loose to Norwich city
Manchester City Players Celebrating a goal in 2019 -

Norwich City finally laid the blueprint to be Manchester City in the Premier League. All what other teams need is to be fearless whenever they come up against them.

The loss have ensured Manchester City have fallen behind league leaders Liverpool with over five points and still counting. It was so unbelieveable Norwich City inflicted such a pain on Manchester City.

No would expect Norwich City to beat Manchester City in the Premier League, but the everyone was left shocked on their seats as Norwich city went two goals as Manchester City started trailing.

The Premier League defending Champions are really behind current league leaders Liverpool and would need a perfect resurgence to equal Liverpool’s performance and if only Liverpool get to loose any game.

Manchester Successfully defended the Premier League last season after winning the title the previous season.


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